August 7, 2011
 floral headband: handmade from local bazaar
Just got a copy of frankie this morning from a friend.
It makes me happy, because I've been searched it for 
a few weeks in all bookstore in my town. Just checked
their site and found that i can subscribed a softcopy of
this magazine but i prefer the heart copy so i can put
it on my bookcase.
1&2 pictures: Newton Bag by
3&4 pictures: Oversized Clutch by UTEE2010
last picture: rings by greedysassy
I spent my weekend by shopping, horaaayyy!
Cotton ink has been one of my fave local brand since they start a debute by selling a shawl
At this time they make EARTH collections and i just fallin in love with some stuffs like this bag.
I opened their site and found this bag was out of stock. 
I run to goodsdept and get my self this color block tote bag in peach mixed with lavender.
I choose this color among another 5 variant because this color so chic and feels like a summer.
Spend another penny by bought this oversized clutch by UTEE and i love it.
I've been waiting for this bag almost a month because they don't have any stock
I just wish they will produce in tan or beige color or maybe in color block just like cotton ink did.
But i still love this clutch because of the goldy zipper and the fringe stuffs on the top.
Last things that i love is a few rings by greedysassy. I thought it was made by ceramics
but they made it from resin. I fall in love with this rings from the first time 
I saw my fave store twitpic this rings and i can't wait to have it,hehe

Now I just enjoy my lazy sunday by listening my new cd
by Foster The People. The three handsome boy from
this band are so cute and drive me crazy to hear more and 
more specialy track number one and two "Helena Beat" 
and "Pumped Up Kicks" Just check out their video clip on
Happy Weekend and Good Night..


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  1. Joey says:

    Frankie magazine!! I want one, too. I wish they sold it here.

    I didn't know Cotton Ink was an Indonesian brand! That's really cool! We learn something new every day.

    Looks like a brilliant shopping trip! I love the clutch and your rings are so quirky

    In reply to your comment:
    Oh, you're always so sweet! Thanks! *hugzz and kisses*
    Well blogwalking is perhaps my biggest hobby so I try my best :)
    And thanks for the encouraging words :D

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