April 18, 2011
Hello there..
I'm back after a week, I think i really have more time on a weekend
Actually my job not really torture me at all
but when i deal with a lot of numbers believe me, my face getting wrinkled and my hair getting dull
I have one trick to make my mood getting better
just shuffle my playlist in my ipod or my blackberry
It's helpful and i never get stressed even i must checking a tons of document contains with numbers

Speaking about weekend
Last Saturday was my first day to learn sewing
The course place quite far from my house, but since my willing to learn it very big
I went there with my 100% soul
the weather quite hot on that day
My first class quite hard, I thought sewing is easy but it's not!
My first day just learning how to draw the pattern
and it's must in a valid measurement!
I made a few mistakes so i must fix it, thanks God I draw it with pencil
But my teacher said that i quite good and a fast learner since I'm new with this sewing thingy

After the sewing class, I went to my cousin's house
I wanna have a talk about a new field for me
I can't tell you the detail until I'm really quite sure about it
On that day, i used public transportation and my feets
I don't have so much time to do exercise on that day so walking is the best substitute

After a lots of talk with my cousins, we went to Grand Indonesia
This is the biggest and the greatest mall in my town
I love it because so many things on it
We can find traditional stuffs in Alun-alun or local designer in Level One
I went there because I saw from my friend's pic that they sell churros!
It's been a long time since I found churros in my town
After I found the stand, me and my cousins feel hungry and wanna get a heavy meal
so my choice was mr.curry, i saw that the food from this restaurant is yummy from another blogger
The place so unique with the decorations full of wood and cooking equipment

Prawn Mushroom Doria and Starwberry Smoothie by mr.curry
This dish contains with rice, prawn, mushrooms, and cheese
it taste like pizza but made from rice not flour
then for the dessert i took a slice of CheeseCake
they have so many flavor of it like wasabi! but i play save by ordered chocochips

ChocoChips CheseCake by mr.curry

You can check 10 most recommended items here

Then for a snack to accompany us dealing with a bad traffic on Satuday
we choose CHURROS :)
They have some options, but i took classic menu
I got 4 stick of churros with 1 dip sauce
They offer 4 dip sauces (dark chocolate, white chocolate, milk chocolate and caramel)
They also sprinkle your churros with ice (sugar) or cinnamon

Classic Churros by CHURRERIA

What I Wore: Black edgy dress/sheer tights/random accessories/
studded clutch by ciciero/black bow wedges custom by shoeizme

Have a nice Moday everyone




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8 sveet comments

  1. Anonymous says:

    of cours we can followe each other

  2. Veronica says:

    Fewing course is really cool! I would like to do it too! I'm looking for one!
    Nice blog!

    Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it! Thank you so much!


  3. Jenny says:

    Ah, I admire your determination for this class! Sewing is a great craft to learn. I am only good at mending, not pattern making, but I did have courses years & years ago and it's really rewarding!

  4. WOWOWWW--what a feast!!!
    xoAdvice From A Caterpillar Store


  5. Anonymous says:

    thanks for you comment. of cours wen can follow each other

  6. Raez says:

    love the chic, all-black outfit! and mmmm, those churros!!

    xx raez

  7. Olivia says:

    @Veronica: well good luck then, the important thing is to keep your spirit because as i said before sewing is not that easy :)

    @Jenny: Wow! big applause! I think pattern making is very hard, i saw a video on youtube about making a collar,omg so difficult! For how many years you took the course?

    all: thank your for reading ^_^

  8. michelle_ says:

    your food looks really yummy !

    im having a shoe giveaway of your own choice at the moment :D
    glisters and blisters

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