April 26, 2011
Happy Easter Everyone :)
I know it's kindda late
But it's better than don't say it at all, rite?

How's your long weekend?
I hope you had a great one

For the last 3 days, I've been stuck with Japanese meal
I'm craving to see hot to video on youtube to learn more about it
My recommended user is 'cooking with dog' check their videos on youtube
This time i make Sukiyaki
It's easy and healthy
I prefer to put some vegetables and changed the beef sukiyaki meat with Tuna

By the way, this month is insane!
Too many event in this month,
like INA craft that attract all the girls and mommies even grandma in this town
Then the upcoming event for this last month is BRIGHTSPOT!
Can you imagine how the girls in this town can save their money?
Apparently I feel bad about highschool girl lately
They become very consumptive and this has been a current issue on radio and some magazines

I know our local brand has evolved like mad
but I think we must choose it carefully, don't wear something only once or twice
renew it by adding beads, studds or lace collar
be creative, there is so many fashion blogger in this world
than can give you how to renew things by their DIY project

By the way, there is a brand that I love so much because it's simple
and i would recommend this brand to all the girls in town to have it
it's effortless simple and they signature style is timeless
Check out this video teaser and check them all at BRIGHTSPOT




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