April 26, 2011
NIKICIO: MIXTE VOL.06 "UNTITLED" *video teaser 
I can't wait to see them on BRIGHTSPOT!
Never go wrong with black!
You can wear it in any seasons because it's timeless!
The clutch is a must have item!
All pictures that i put on this post is actually my fave pieces :)
What do you think?
Just check out their facebook account for more pictures here!



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7 sveet comments

  1. Joey says:

    Olivia, I'm back! hehe
    You've got a new layout? Nice! Very sleek
    Love this collection. They've got some nice pieces

  2. i love your collection

    gud luck :)

  3. I love Nikicio so much!

  4. Eleh says:

    oh i really like the transparent one! anyway, Nikicio always have amazing collection!

  5. thank you!
    it so comfort , that's why i love my shoes :)

    i love nikicio collection ,
    is gorgeous <3


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