May 20, 2011
I'm back..
It's been a very long long time since my last post
I just moved to a new office and it's a new job so everything was diffrent.
I'm still learning how to do my job well, so I've been busy to do my best but I have a tons of story to share
Just keep reading..
hello may

Before my first day for a new job, I had a family gathering.
It's from my Mom's side to celebrate a birthday of 5 members in this big family
Actually it's too far because people that gathered in this event including my grandma that actually she's my granpa's sister
So this house full of her children and her grandchildren :)
So who's a birthday on that day? The man of the house, my little cousin, my auntie, my uncle and another auntie,hehe
1..2..3..4..5..the birthday team!

from young generation to old generation

2 persons that looks similar is my Mom and my Auntie
They love karaoke

my big and little cousin (do you think they look very similar?)

another cousin named Ula

my cousin who took almost all of this pictures

My Auntie and my Mom (she looks younger than her age in this picture)

what i wore: two tone maxi dress by nikicio//tassel rope belt by me//random acessoriess//
Lizard bag by utee2010//jelly shoes by (x)sml

forever young! Maybe they look older than you but their soul pretty rocks :)

never get bored to take a picture *sigh

this is how we say goodbye (sayonara)

So, what's going on this town for the past few weeks?
The big event was BRIGHTSPOT 2nd aniversary held on Pasific Place, Jakarta
I've got an invitation from Nikicio and went there after work time
The crowd was insane and all girls was extremely crazy to get fasionable stuffs
The good thing that I love to watch people, love to see how they combine their outfits
and love to watch their attitude so it was a great time
It was too bad even i brought my digital camera but i was to busy to get some stuffs,hehe

the invitation :)

oh i love may!

what i get from brightspot: white shirt and peach tank from nikicio//jamie top from
midnite blue viscose sophie tank from white shorts from petite cupcakes//
green canvas bag from utee2010 (sstt..get it with special price from utee)
another unnecessary things for this month: two tone bella skirt from socks and stawhat by payless
sungalsses by aldo//few handmade bow hairpieces//watercan for a face//bow flats and may-june issue of frankie

Agedashi Tofu made with local tofu

This is a special menu for this month, it's easy and very healthy
Just fried with a high temperature so it will be crispy and yummy
By they way I just got takoyaki pan and have a plan to make a yummy takoyaki
I will upoad a picture on my next post

Birthday girl!

Next big thing is my besfriend, Illy's birthday!!
She's turning 24 years old,hehe
I gave her a little gift that she needs and make a lunch trip to a special place
This place very traditional and the owner of thsi place just held her engagement there

They have a traditional restaurant too named "Warung Solo"
The place looks very ancient, the waiters look like a villagers but nice, you can see a woman
drawing a picture, that's what we called batik and an old man singing an old javanesse songs

When you was there, you will feel it's like in old era like 40 or 50 years ago
No wonder so many local celebrity that loved to come here
even the place a little bit spooky because it's next to a cemetery

the meals: Ginger milk//Bacem Tofu//crispy duck (no one can beat suryo's crispy duck! not even this one)

the view from inside

Balai Sarwono

small hall for traditional event

I was speechless when i saw this! irons from year by year!super kewwwl!

old pictures

the interior of a few gazebo, we can reserved it for small gathering

what i wore: grey loose ciffon top by (x)sml//random accessories//tailored pants
green canvas bag by utee2010//jelly flats by (x)sml

ciao warung solo :)

Another gathering to celebrate her day
We met at kenny rogers and had a dinner together
Took a lot of pictures, laugh, sharing and make a promise to meet again and again :)


duo pink and white

the meals! Big and yummy :)

There is a few story that i would like to share
maybe on a next post since i must go to bed early for my pattern class tomorrow morning
wish me luck guys, tomorrow i will make a blouse with sewing machine
just wish me luck that i can do it well

By the way do you ever believe a faith?
Do you ever saw a movie called serendipity?
Do you ever feel the same way with a stranger?
Just share with me..
I just feel the same way
and it's going crazy,lol

Have a nice weekend!!




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  1. all the oods look soo delicious and make me hungry right now haha :) xo

  2. May seems like a very great month for you! That's so cool that 5 of your family members celebrated their birthdays together! And so envious with all of the stuffs you got from Brightspot event!

  3. Joey says:

    Hi sweetie
    Sorry for the late reply, I've been drowning in assignments and exams.
    London was amazing! I had such a great time, as always :)

    I love your photos. Your family looks fun. I like how you guys say Goodbye.

    And that event looks interesting! I see that you bought a Frankie magazine! I've heard good stuff about it, but have no access to it here :(

    How's the new job? Hope you're well :)

  4. Olivia says:

    @Lisa and Kirana: Thank you for coming. I love both of you guys who can manage a blog together as a best friend :)

    @Becky : Thanks! But not all from Brightspot,hehe. You must got to brightspot and feel the euphoria by yourself :)

    @Joey : Thanks Joey! You've been my fave blogger lately! It's only a few blogger that really really read another's post. You are one of a kind. Sometimes they do blogwalking to make others blogger visit them back. Gud luck for your exams :)

  5. Love your black dress

    I would really appreciate if you visit my site and consider becoming a follower

  6. thank you :)
    i forget , i think i bought on ace hardware .

    those food look so delicious :D
    and make me starving :D

  7. seru, seru! apalagi acara ultah dan warung solonya :)

  8. Thank you so much for your comment! I'll share my shop's link once it's done ;)

  9. mariska says:

    how sweet are those family photos, looks so warm


  10. Joey says:

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my hat post. That hat man really annoyed me. But I've gotten over it now. I love my hat anyway :D

  11. Miss Aa says:

    so so love this post..
    and i wonder to have that meals too..looks delicious :D

    check out my blog whenever you have a chance

    warmest regards,
    Miss Aa

  12. so lovin' this post!
    what a great family you have. what a gift :)

    i love it


  13. So many great photos! I absolutely love the shot through the arms of your family in the circle! Really lovely! And that duck looks seriously goood! xx

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