April 11, 2011
How's your weekends fellas?
I hope it was amazing as mine,hehe

I just want to spread a great news that I'm officially have a job
I don't know for sure how long i will be in this job
While I'm waiting for a great opportunity
I will do my best for what I have right now

It's been a week or five days
I get dizzy when I must deal with office attire
I prefer my casual outfit but I know it's impossble

Friday is the best day of work
because I can wear anything to work include jeans!yayness!
I always go home with Mom so, I don't need to drive by myself
I hate Jakarta's bad traffic so much!
Last Friday I had a dinner and shopping time with Mom
I just hope this work thingy makes me and my Mom getting closer than before
although we are very close before
this quality time makes us have more time for giving input for eachother

I also had a small gathering with some family member
They think it's about celebrating my Graduation but it wasn't
I have a family member that not live in jakarta
so when they come,I just want to meet just to say hi
or have a lunch together, it must be on friday but it had been moved to Saturday

By the way, I made a cute tassel necklaces
If you want to have it, just contact me by email
The necklace as seen on the picture below
I make it in soft pink (as seen on picture), black, gold, silver and shocking blue
What I Wore on Friday: off white tank/khaki pants by (x)sml/sydney jacket in khaki by cotton.ink
cutie headband in coco+pink by room/handmade tassel necklaces (email me for order)/
random accessories/ Mom's handbag/ white keds by rubi

My bad that I forgot to take a picture even I bring my digicam
By the way finally my Mom give a permit to learn more about sewing
She bought me a sewing machine! Ah very speechless when I saw that machine!
I can't wait for the next weekend, will be my first day to learn more about how to sew

A graduation gift, a small family gathering, dinner and shopping time at Friday
I don't need more but actualy
I had another gathering on Sunday
This is my first time for joining "ideku handmade" event
This event give a tutorial how to sew and to make an owl doll!
So excited when I know that they still have a place for me

For your information this is not a big event but sometimes
make a limit for a person to join
about the fee it's include a meal! whooaaaa
So I have a new friends that love to sew too,hehe
I just remember when I was in highschool
I was fallin in love with flanel material,
I made a pencil case and purse from that material
At that moment I made it famous,hehe
Hand sewing is not easy as we seen
I feel my owl doll not quite good, I need to practice a lot

This is the result of my owl doll
She has a sleepy eye just like me,hehe
Softy pink and necklace are my graduation gift from my best friend
and the bracelets is from a friend that force me to buy it,hehe
*just kidding fellas (note for a person that sell this to me)

As we know this just early April
but actually It's been hard since to many temptation
like a tons of books that I want to buy
End up this weekend with those books and magazine

Happy belated Sunday
Sunday is been my fave day because
I meet my Father (God) and meet my super chic friends
Actually that's my church's friends
We've been together since we are a kid!
What I Wore: crochet dress/sydney jacket from cotton.ink/nude tights/Lizard bag by UTEE
soft pink necklace by (x)sml/handmade shoes by GIN&tonic/random accessories/

Have a nice day everyone!
Since today's Monday and everybody hates Monday
So let's just say I love Monday
and believe that today will be rock!


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16 sveet comments

  1. Shini says:

    Congratulations on your new job! I say it's better to be busy than bored with no prospective (aka me).

    Wish I had a Singer sewing machine! x

  2. Sarah says:

    Cute blog! Please check out mine and follow if you'd like :)


  3. yamilla says:

    thanks for your comment!!:) lovely blog! i go to Java! my family lives there. so i will visit jakarta a lot for shopping and to see the city! i think it will be great there! wow awsome that you lived there!


  4. Olivia says:

    @Shini: OMG I never imagine that you will visit my blog! I'm a huge fan of your blog specially for your outfits and those incredible pictures!
    I thought you are so busy strolling around and took a ton of pictures :)

    @Sarah&Ivy: thank you for coming, i will visit your back as soon as possible ^^

    @Yamilla: I lived in Jakarta. I thought you go to Bali since that's fave place to go for a tourist. Have a nice trip, so many nice place in Jakarta and of course so many place to go for shopping,hehe

  5. thanks for your lovely comment on my blog and congrats!


  6. GretchTM says:

    Congrats on getting a job!

  7. GretchTM says:

    Thanks for the comment. My blog layout is just the pre-made one that blogspot provides us with. The header is a photograph my boyfriend took of me years ago. :)

  8. Anonymous says:

    ♥I love your blog so much.)) ♥

  9. Anonymous says:

    Those are some nice pictures! Loving the Audrey Hepburn picture.

    It's a cute blog you've got here, maybe you want to follow each other?

    I'll be waiting for your reply on my blog!


  10. Shirley says:

    wow, a sewing machine!i wish i had one!


  11. Olivia says:

    @Mary: Thank you :)

    @Egle: Yeah, I love to decorated my room with her picture, I've been searching her picture, print it and hang it around my room :)

    @Shirley: go get one! In my town it's cheap than a cell phone, i mean blackberry since everybody has it.
    It feels great when I get it even now I know that learn how to sew is not that easy, will share the detail on my next post :)

  12. galatea. says:

    cool sewing machine! very cool (and helpful) to know how to use those things x

  13. Olivia says:

    Hehe, thank you galatea :)
    Still learning how to use it well

  14. Anonymous says:

    nice blog. Congrats!!
    Would love to have you as a follower

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