April 6, 2011
It's been a long time since my last post,hehe. 
I like blogwalking more than make a post, but when i feel happy or sad than it's time to update my blog.
This time I feel really happy, because it's a big thing in my life
Last Saturday, April 2nd was my graduation day! finally
I don't feel anything until they called my name with my new title!

It was a very long journey and in that day the ceremony was bad
it was in a very long long durations, I feel bored, hungry and thirsty in the same time
But after that when I met my friends and took a lot of photographs my mood was getting better

Happy Graduations Friends, this is not the end but the first move to face the cruel world

Strike a pose with Illy and Sekar
Maybe you wonder why I don't wear the black gown called "toga"
because it's big and thick beside I prefer to show my soft pink kebaya (national uniform)
I don't want to wear kebaya that looks really formal because
it makes me look like a groom, so leave the heavy one for special occasion like wedding day perhaps,hehe

 Me and Mommy looks tired

Finally I've got a job,hehe
Thanks for the wishes, hopes and supports that you gave to me
Even this is temporary but I put all my hearts on it
It's been 3 days and still counting on it, feels exhausted but happy in the same time

After the graduation thingy I went to loewy for lunch
It was a late lunch but glad the atmosphere was amazing just like in home
When you ordered a dessert or ice cream you will get free drinks (coffee or tea)
I ordered Garoupa Fish With Soybe as a main course and Marshmellow Chox for dessert
And My Mom already had a lunch so she ordered dessert "Mille Feuille (Vanilla)"

Garoupa Fish With Soybe//Marshmellow Cho//Mille Feuille in Vanilla flavour

 It's like my habit everytime I go to a nice restaurant I make sure to take a pic
either the meals or the person it self
This time because of special events so I took a picture together with my Mom

 I wore the same outfit on Sunday,
except for the skirt and the hair do
My hair do on my graduation day it's like a mess
But on Sunday, I make a great braids hair on the both side of my head
and just put a flower hairpiece to make sure I look astonish,hehe

what i wore: a ciffon with embroidery in soft pink/earthy sarong belongs to my Mom/
flower hairpiece/earrings/suede clutch and candy heels

It's not enough for the day, because I met my old friend to share our life
It's like a regular meeting but only when we had a spare time
to many stories to tell and until the place where we meet almost close then we realize, 
we must go home immediately

Having mie item rica-rica for dinner

Me and Ina

wwhat i wore: white tank/multi reversible cap by lisaplace/
comfy pants by (x)sml/vintage belt/skull rings/braid bag/grey keds by rubi

Happy day..O happy day..
How about your weekends?I hope you have the same happiness as mine
I need to go rite now because some eyes just stare at me when I do browsing and blogging like this
Have a nice day, have a good spirit, eat well and keep healthy
Speaking of healthy, everyday I bring my lunch box so i keep healthy
just need a workout, maybe in weekend because it's only my possible time to do that



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10 sveet comments

  1. wow! great!! congratulation!!
    I can't wait for my graduation day too,, may be on the next month! please bless me =)

    Oh, well of course,, The song tittle is You belong to me, and the singer is Carla Bruni. She's one of my fave!

  2. Joey says:

    Congratulations, dearie!!
    Awww I remember my Undergraduate graduation 2 years ago was pretty boring and uneventful, too. I felt really uncomfortable in that thick, heavy robe which made me look like a giant! Haha...
    Love your kebaya. Cantik!

  3. Olivia says:

    @Le Garcon: thanks :)

    @Puspita: I will sent my bless for the best ^_^
    thanks for the song

    @Joey: same with me! It was too boring!haha. I don't know who's the man/women behind the idea of that silly black robe -____-

  4. thx for your sweet comment =)

  5. wah, congratulation ya ^^

  6. piapia says:

    congratulation, dear! sukses selalu :)

  7. michelle_ says:

    congrats for the graduationnnn :)
    the world is cruel, but we have to learn to deal with it :)

  8. Olivia says:

    Thank you for the greetings ^_^

  9. congrats on getting a job, that's huge!

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