March 24, 2011
Just trying to keep up with my blog because when I got a job this activity will be impossible to do
So, it's just another ordinary day, I'm still a dreamer but now I'm dying to get a job because my Mom tought me to do so. Today I went to Binus Job Fair. For your information Binus is one of private college in my town
Compare to this collage, it's very different than mine. Their buildings look like a mall.
I know it sound silly but me and my friend felt different when we enter this college.

This is a big event, because they used 5th floors for this event.
I've never been to go to job fair before and I feel this easy, because they had a system
So If we attend to apply for a position, we just submit our id and viola it's done!
Because when we register on their web, we already put our cv on their system.

I was asking to my friend about this event like what to wear and another required needs
I don't want to look to casual because my friend said there will be walk in interview,
but my friend told me I don't need to be too serious just act like an ordinary collage girl

When I arrived i saw so many people wearing formal shirt, skirts or trousers!
Me and my friend playing save by wearing shirts and jeans, we believed that ours that they've been looking for, LOL. So here's my ensemble for today

What I Wore: white shirt NN;02 by Nikicio/Bermuda Pants by (x)sml/
random accessories/canvas bag gift from my Dad/Grey keds by Rubi

This outfit very comfortable and I feel younger than my actual age,hehe
Lately I always wearing flats because it's more comfortable 
and canvas bag is the right choice to be a perfect match for the flats. 
I'm still hunt a great canvas bag and found the perfect one but need to waiting until I can afford it

Suddenly all cute stuffs that I ordered come in the same day, yayness!!
I just collect them, grab my camera and just took a pic

I was on my way back home from Binus and suddenly the rain was falling down
I stopped at plaza pondok indah, waiting my driver to pick me up and just strolling around
I found a headband (drolling bow headband since I saw Blair from Gossip Girl) in a good shape
and in a good color even not really in a good price for me
Keep thinking and I went home with the brown one. I prefer a hairpiece than a hairband
but since the hairpiece is too small so I picked the hairband

Another things that I've been crazy for is necklaces, the bold one will be great!
and believe me soft pink accessories look very hyped! 
This statement necklace comes with two colors black and soft pink (as you seen from the picture above)
I really want to buy both of them but it's not appropriate
I ended with the pink,hehe

Finally the wedges from June+Julia has arrived
I'm little bit disappointed because it took more than a month to produce this heels
When I oppened the package, I shocked because it's really big and the heels very high
then when i put it on my feets i think it's very comfortable
And the last things are my cinderela shoes
Why I call it like that? Because it's transparent and has a small particles that shine like forever
still in flats!yay again! This is the recap for unnecessary things in March

Tomorrow I will have an interview, I hope it will going well
and believe me make-up and heels in weekdays, they're not my bestfriend anymore!
I only wear them just because I'm on interview
I'm still love to wear them but just only for a special occasion not everyday,hehe
It's already late and we need to wake up early and face the Jakarta's traffic, am I rite?
So have a sweet dream :)




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  1. Ashley says:

    Such darling shoes!

  2. hey thanks for comment on our blog. wanna answer your question no, we are not sister but we are bestfriend :) by the way, love your pants so much!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I love those shoes. I rarely wear sneaks but I would wear those.

  4. Abi says:

    I think your outfit looks appropriate. Like the cropped trousers. Hope you're able to land a banging job soon!

  5. hahaha, samaaaa.. begitu aku selesai sekolah, ortuku juga minta aku kerja formal. sempat sedikit "tertekan" tp sekarang baik2 aja. nice outfit btw, meskipun aku lebih suka dress ;)

  6. Olivia says:

    Thank you all for visiting my blog ^^

    This trousers have been my fave piece lately, i always wear it around,hehe

    Agree with you Indi, seraching job is not that easy and when you get it, it feels relieve but still it's not enough because I must do my best to prove my quality ^^

  7. hi thx for the comment! let's be friend!! =)
    please follow, and i'll follow back =)love the outfits!

  8. nice :)

  9. suriya says:

    I actually enjoyed reading through this posting.Many thanks


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