March 22, 2011
I called my last friday as a heavy day because too much delicious food on that night! My Mom become so busy with her job so she had a meeting at Borobudur Hotel. She knew that I was doing nothing at home and asked me to join her, I can eat anything I want, doing jog or swimming or just enjoy the fresh air. This is my first time come there and I don't expect much from the Hotel where stayed in the central of Jakarta, they really have a great backyard with so many tennis courts (indoor and outdoor), indoor basketball court, pool, playground and a gazebo for a spa treatment. 

My Mom told me that it's an old hotel and it has been established maybe since i was not exist. Not so many foreigners here, mostly just people who loves to have a meeting that has an office near this hotel. I would say their service really good, always greet the costomer even you just meet them on the toilet and it sounds sincere. Let's recap what I had when i was there: scallop, the famous oxtail soup, and homemade blueberry sorbet+tiramisu ice cream for dessert

The last Sunday, me and my Mom was planning to meet my Auntie
but She and her daughter had a lunch at Pepenero so We joined them. I always love italian foods
and pepenero's serve it in the best way. They serve it in a big portion and I always feeling full when I have a meal there. But thanks to my cousin who treat me and my Mom there.
She told me to order spaghetti but with extra toppings, I choose mushrooms and tuna ;)

Good meals are a mood booster for me. Do you feel the same way?



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  1. Joey says:

    Mmmm the pictures are making me hungry :D I agree, good food makes me so happy and contented, but it also tends to make me sleepy hehe

    Btw, thanks for commenting on my blog and giving your feedback. I'll certainly blog about Japan Day, but I'll leave the tsunami reports to the news :)

  2. Anonymous says:

    These photos make me want to eat. Maybe we can follow each other?

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