March 21, 2011
I feel my life like a roller coaster, sometimes it looks heavy but lately i feel cheesy. So how's your weekend fellas? I think for the last two weeks my life was superb. Now I'm a job seeker just sent me your kisses and luck so I can get my dream job.
So last week I spent my weekends with my friend on a short trip to Singapore. It's been a while since last visit, but this is my first time do travel without my parents or relatives and I felt great. I know already how to get a ticket for bus or mrt and a place to stay from a friend. It was a nice trip even it was too short to getting know that city.

Call me as a conservative, sometimes i think i don't know what i want. But when I want something, nobody can prevent my way. But somewhile when you deal with another people we must push away our urge because there are other people participate in this situation that's called tolerance. We feel uneasy about this matter and actually that's why we need our "me time" to do everything that we want without need any oppinions from others.

Why women can't read a map? It's a big question for me too! I'm a girl but I can read a map. It's easy and just put extra attention to a big green map that filled with the name of the stree, famous places, bus lane, etc. Which the hard part to undertand about that thing?

What I Wore: black tank/black tailored pants/batik cape/messanger bag from ciciero
/chameleon flats/random bracelets/watch and a small trunk

I know that Singapore is a small city. I looks small on the map and yeah if your purpose when you go there just only for shopping then you will not seeing anything about shinny stuffs. I'm an old-line so i like ordinary or unattractive stuffs like museums, place to worships, zoo, playgrounds. The poin is a place to meet people or mortals so I will definitely go back to seeing those place and to take a bunch of pictures of them

the magic card! with this card every place is possible to be visited

I felt like Singapore citizen already when I was there. I saw that they moving so fast, really fast if it's compare to Jakarta's citizen. They seems focus on what they want to do but looks a little bit just like a robot. They style just like a catalog from megazines and I just met a girl who dress-up just like a japanese girl from Shibuya. I already have a muse from chictopia community, it's a girl and comes from Singapore, has a unique style but when I was there I can find someone like her, it's odd.

I started my second days by visited IKEA on Singapore, they have 2 branch here. One in Alexandra and the other one in Tampines. I checked the bus routes and found that Tampines is the nearest one from our place so here we go!
When we were trying to get the right directions to go there, we felt relieve that we took the right bus. Big thanks to the bus driver even he didn't help us a lot except drove the bus safely until our place. The first interesting piece was the red chair, it looks like an egg with an orange cover. I think it's for a child but I don't care because it's too cute to be ignored.
What I Wore: black tank/black lace top/highwaisted pants by oneandahalf/
random accessories/chameleon flats/camel messager bag/cavalier's hat

We've been thrilling when we were there because they make a showroom about an inspiration to make a great living world. My favorite all the showrooms in white color or at least put so much pieces in white. Oneday if i have my own house I definitely go back here to get some inspirations and buying a short things because it's really cheap! My purpose here to get a hanger to hang my shawl but what can I say, there was too many good and affordable stuffs and I ended up with this things

We also visited little india as the biggest district that full of india people. It was really scared because the street really fill by india people, it feels like in the middle of soccer game that full of india supporter! We had dinner in one of india restaurant near mustafa center. I choose Prata Cake with Chicken Curry. It was delicious really tasteful and very diffrent from another curry that thay sell it in my town.

I spent the rest of the night by walking at Marina Bay area. When I was about to cross the street I found a man taking his dogs for walk and i really love his dogs, they are so cute! I can't keep smiling to them until I can't saw them anymore. It's a beautiful views that full of winds and lights and i just wanna to lie down there till the sun come out

What I Wore: white tank/highwaisted by oneandahalf/nude sidney jacket by
random accessories/camel messanger bag/black flip-flops

If you want to staying until nite but not want to waste your money by taking a cab to your place in the middle of the night even it's safe just remeber that mrt and bus operating hours only until 11.30pm, it depends on your area but when i stayed at boon khang that's the last train to my place.
All photos courtesy by my friend ILLY

Say goodbye to Singapore and get ready to face the cruel life in Jakarta. My face looks pale because I've been running to catch the place because I saw from the tv that the plane almost board and our gate is far far away! I was wearing dark blue dress, dark blue flats, backpack, camel messanger bag and tons of smiles.



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  1. Joey says:

    It looks like you had a lovely time in Singapore, albeit a short one. I love those night shots!

    I like Singapore and the last time I went was last year to visit my boyfriend's parents who live there. I can't wait to go back again.

    Have you been to Malaysia?

  2. Olivia says:

    Yeah, I love singapore too specially their night scene so lovely!

    I've never been to Malaysia, but i'd love too. Do you stay in KL? I'm still searching a great place to be visited in Malay.
    I tought you stay in Japan

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