March 10, 2011
Doing all things at home makes me sick
I was glad that I can came out from my room to breath a fresh air
So yesterday I accompanied my cousin because he had a free day
This is a great opportunity to try my new sydney jacket from
It was a hard decision because this item comes with two colors, black and beige
I've been thinking and asking people the right choice before I was really sure that beige is the best color
I choose beige because my wardrobe already full of black outfit
and it seems keep running to dominate my wardrobe
besides I was crossed over Annabel's blog blushing ambition
and glad to see her latest post because she wore the similar ensemble as mine

Here's the inspiration

What I Wore : white thank//blue jeans by cheapmonday//beige top by flats//earrings by f21//bracelets by (x)sml//camel bag by ciciero

When I was home, doing nothing except browsing and reading some books and magazines that can make a positive minds. I found some conclutions from a book that i read lately. It's an old matters that happened to me in a old time and i believe that it happens to most of people include you. Sometimes we find people that really adore us, it's like a fan but it's too harsh when we called it like that. Maybe they like us because the way we talk, the way we dress up, the way we walk, or anykinds like that inspired them. But when they try to look like us it feels annoying, rite? Sometimes we only think about ourself, we think that will make them look like a copy cat. From the book that I read we should be proud of it and we should be cooperate with that person to be a better person, for example like helping him or her to find their truly style. Like if they like the way you talk maybe they can have the same spirit or the same way to talk to persuade people but it can't be with the same accent because it will be pretty weird, rite? I realized that I've been wrong to handle this kind mess, It's too late and what I can do right know is look forward and if that's happend again to me I want to face it wisely as like they say from the book. There's no one to be intimidated by any words except we express those words in a good way without offense anyone :)




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  1. nice blog, mind to follow me?
    i follow you back then =)

  2. Amazing trench!

  3. It's beautiful!!! So perfect for the season! I wish I had one!

  4. hi..i already follow you back! thx for the comment btw

  5. Shirley says:

    love her style, effortlesly chic!

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