March 3, 2011
I've been busy lately about being a better person and update my knowledge.
Staying at home makes me feel bad specially when I'm doing nothing like right now. Another bad news is my beloved uncle leave us forever, all relatives have been shocked about it. It happened when me and my brother visited him at the hospital on Sunday about two weeks ago. Deep inside in my heart I know that if that's happen to my parents I just want to be like this, I mean I can stay beside them at their last moment, it feels relieve, trus me. Some people think it's a strange and scary moment but when you feel it then you know that it's the best things that you want.

What I Wore: Dark blue jersey dress//Dark blue flats by the little things she needs//lizard bag by utee2010//pearls earrings//watch is a gift from my Dad (I'm looking forward dark blue and camel things)

So I've been busy to prepare my holiday too! I can't say it's a holiday actually it's a short trip before I hit a real world. Speaking of a real world I mean a job, when you get a job it means you will be standing on your own feet without any help from your parents anymore. Anyway tomorrow is my big day because i will have an interview in the morning, wish me luck fellas since the company who called me is from media which I'm dying for working on that field. My Mom and my best friend told me that I must dress properly which means look really chic because who knows that maybe another department will looking for me because of my look,LOL.

Currently looking for:
owl rings

inexpensive ticket to fly

chunky heels with cute pattern

coral lipstick

pictures via stylebuble, tumblr and personal




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