March 2, 2011
It's been such a very long long time since my last post. 2 moths and a week, i think it's a new record. To many story that I want to share in this blog. I realized that lately this blog turning like a personal diary and i really mean it's really really personal,LOL. I wish i have a wi-fi in my house so I don't need to bring my notebook near my modem as I do now.

Now lets begin with what happened in January..
It's been a great month even the bad things happened that time. But who can't resist the charm of the first month in a new year. I put a lot of hope this year and I believe i will be successed with all my capabilyty. I don't say that I'm overrated but it's important that we can put some respect to ourself.

January is full of presure, this is my last chance to get a new degree. I finish my script as the requirement to finish my school then get an assembly to make sure that I made the script by myself. Before the big day was come, My grandpa suddenly passed away. So I must flew to my Mom's hometown and attended the ceremonial.

It's a bad things but I was happy that God gave me this opportunity to meet my Grandpa before he's been buried. The good things almost all his grandchildrend attended this ceremonial so it's like a family reunion. I don't say that all of us don't have a great relationship but we've been splitted by works so we lived seperately but most of them stayed in Java's island.

This is also like a holiday, a gift from God before my big day. I also met my Grandparents from my Dad's side, visited Toba lake, visited my Granpa's village and visited the biggest museum in North Sumatra also I never forget the food here!so delicious ;)

They have a very strange faith that if their grandchildren who put a plant above our grandparents bodies than when we're come back and seeing that the plant growing so well then we will get a soul mate. Do you believe that? If you ask me then I would say I don't know but as long as it's a good things that I'll be looking forward to ;)



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