March 5, 2011
Since today's is weekend so how's yours? I'm dying to go out and so excited because this is my first time going somewhere with the whole family since my Dad's condition not so well. There was family gathering in Toba Dream the restaurant that belongs to Vicky Sianipar which is very popular among the bataknese. Even we stayed there only about an hour and a half but I think that makes my Dad really happy and I was glad to see his happy face. Then we seperate since this is weekend and i need to see something with my Mom. So i would like to say too many place to see but so little time that we had.

What I Wore: black tank/black sheer top by oneandahalf/black harem pants by tailor made/
camel bag by ciciero/chameleon flats/pearl earrings/bracelet by (x)sml

Actually sometimes online shopping makes our needs to shop easy but sometimes it's drive us crazy right? So it's better to see what you want, try it then buy it. It's too bad when something that you want already out of stock then you still to need buy it from the online store without put it on yourself, something that look good on someone doesn't meet it will be look good on you too!

I'm still stuck in black outfit because of the classy effect and it will make your body look thinner. So I prefer to wearing something classy means all in black except for the bag and the shoes. By the way my MIB (missing in blogging) I had some fun like dinner with the girls before my friend go back for their new semester. We choose pastis as the perfect place to hang, laugh, gossiping and taking photograph. Oh and why we choose it? Because the food so delicious and they serve in a big portion so it's worth it :)
It's hard to wearing something beside black since we met for dinner, 
so I put all in black but cover it with a grey jacket.
I know that grey still a basic color but who doesn't love basic color?
I think navy blue and grey will be still hype for this season
and of course camel as a light color.

What I Wore: black ciffon oneshoulder top/black pants by cheapmonday/grey weirdo jacket by (x)sml
earrings and rings by forever 21/camel bag/camel oxford heels by petitecupcakes

The Yummy Food

First Shoot!

We love to eat but we love taking photograph too


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