March 7, 2011
After my hard time, now I can really enjoy my weekends. How's yours?
I spent it wisely by going out for dinner and shopping. I can't believe that this time I do shopping on a purpose. I was looking for an outfit for my upcoming graduation day. Most of my friends brought a lace fabric then sew it on with a shape or models on their mind but I prefer to look simple. An outfit that I can wear it more than one time, it doesn't have to be a kebaya but most of my friend looking like getting married in those formal look. Maybe the great make-up and a great hair do will be perfect even I wore something simple.

What I Wore: black tailored dress/super black tights/pearls necklace and earrings/
bow rings/silver watch/studded clutch by ciciero/white oxford flats by petitecupcakes

The simplicity and the classy effects of black outfit makes me still stuck on it, beside that I read an article that when you wear black outfit it makes you look like an editor,LOL. Heels make our feet looks longer but for this Sunday i prefer to come out with a flats. I'm still prepare for my next trip, like the destination, the transportation, the internet connection, the blackberry internet service, even the place to stay. I feel some days for relaxing is a great idea for me since I'm still looking for a job. I learn something this week that there is a plenty "first time" for example first time you born, the first time to say a word, the first time to deal with school, the first time to making friends, even the first time to have an interview. On the first time, sometimes we do wrong but we can learn from that, no one wants to make the same mistake, rite?

I've been crazy about camel and navy blue things but this time I love my camel bag. I'm a girl but I don't put so much effort to look very pretty so my bag only full of a basic things and sometimes it's heavy because I brought some books, most of them a novel or a book that can built a good personality but in a special occasion like when I was hang with some friends I never forget to bring my camera :)

.walet.wet and dry tissue.lip serum.blackberry.pils (actually it's vit C)

Just bought my self a new edition of NYLON. It's thicker than the last issue and very useful for me since all the articles are something that pop up in my head and so inspiring. Here's some pages that I love to read



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  1. dinda says:

    you're my inspirations..
    follow back please :)
    nice to see your blog!

  2. Olivia says:

    Thanks ;)
    I already followed your blog.
    It's a nice blog, but i think you should post your personal pic bigger than before because it's too small and there's a plenty space on your blog ^_^

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