January 12, 2011
Staying at home is not very healthy for our body, but staying ouside the house like strolling around or meet with some friend is not good too for your pocket since it means you will spend some money.
While I'm on my way to drop my Dad this morning for his therapy I was listen to the radio and they discuss about how to teach a kid to introduce and maintain their own money.
They said that is it possible for us just only in one day don't spent even just a penny?
It's very impossible, rite?
When you go out, even you bring your lunch to school or work you still need a money for a gas or for public transportation such as a bus, so everything needs money and we need it every single day.
When we still live with parents (even we have a job in my town it's common to stay with parrents until their children getting merried so they must move out from their parent's house) maybe we can save some money by doing activities that based on home but for me, I don't think so.
After the new year's eve, my house full of cakes, sof drinks and many cookies
I love sugar so it's easy to eat them all by my self and it's getting worse because i love to cook!
So one of my friend share on her twitter that she made the famous "kuo tie"
This is a Chinese cuisine like "Goiza" from Japanese cuisine but you can make a modification for the recipe
So, why i want to make it by my own?
Because my Mom loves it
My Mom said when She was young and lived in North Sumatra, she always love this meal and when she feel that she miss this meal so much she will go to St. Theresia School in downtown and get her self one portion of this meal. It's too bad my Mom went home too late, maybe i will send her the picture just like this
.kuo tie.

Anyway, yesterday me and some friend celebrated our friend's birthday. We had Chinese food for our diner, sing along together "Happy Birthday", let the boy blow the candles and let him make a thousand wishes for his life. Actually we are and old friend that went to the same church except his girlfriend that actually our highschool mate. Eat much, talk too much and laugh so much.
.Willy.Hara(the birthday boy).Aya.Ira.Uneth.Me.Nancy.

.wonder boy.
.You are so lucky to have us behind your back!.

.the bizarre couple.
when you talk with them, you will agree that they are pretty odd xP


what i wore:
black cropped top by oneandahalf.skinny vintage belt.black pants by cheapmonday
accesoriess by f21 and local shop.lizard bag by utee.brownie clogs by kloomclogswear

Sometimes I thankful to the Lord that He gave me this opportunity to enjoy my time like this,
even sometimes i feel I'm going mad and eager to finish my school and get my own money by doing a job but when this happend I can't say more. I enjoy every single moment with friends and don't need to worry that tomorrow i must wake up early, go to work, and feel under presure.
I know there will be me in that situation but i don't want to think about it while I'm quite happy with this opportunity. I always have a faith that everything will happend in a perfect time and only with His way.

I have a meeting with someone that actually I never meet before in k.e.d.a.i the unique place to hang in Kemang. When I was there I really like the atmosphere but I feel a little bit dissapointed because the interior was quite same from my last visit about almost a year ago. Since I still have a bit cold so I ordered hot drink, it's a chocolate mix with hazelnut and a bit of milk, taste quite good.

I don't know how about any other people but I'm really enjoy when I meet a new people. I would say that I'm not an easy person to make friends but when I meet new people I'm trying to look friendly and enthusiastic to know them. My Dad always say that we will never know what happen next, maybe they will help us oneday so never choose a friend, just make them all your friends. Beside i think it's not polite to be silent when you meet new people even you don't know what to say.

.avantgarde paintings.

So I met a girl that actually the designer and the owner of "Argyle Oxford". I ordered a pair of wedges from them last year, I must ordered this shoes since they don't have any stock left and yeah finally today is the meeting day to get those pairs. Sometimes I choose to meet with them when it comes to shoes because if they sent me as a package, the shipping service will ruin the box and i need those box to keep the shoes in a good shape. So even she's coming late but I think she's quite friendly and amazed with her collections that so colorful even they make it look soft. She said that local label looks boring because most of them always play save with basic colors like white, grey and black. 

.the new babies.

I don't know why even i really love to wear wedges lately, I ordered this wedges in 7cm even they offer 10cm will look great. But i think i just need a simple sandals to walk in around specially when i must doing marathon at the mall, this is something that my Mom really like. Sometimes it's a big problem with me but now as long as she asked me for lunch or diner and maybe a very pretty dessert like cake or ice cream, that will be fine :)
Do you notice that my layout looks a little bit different? I feel not really great and still thinking to change it again, beside that my sidebar is rude, the icons measurement not quite similar. I'm still learning about the "html code" so do you like my new icon beside the blog's name "the dreamer" it's a blue wallet, isn't look cute?hehe
whoaamm..I feel so much story to share on this post, tomorrow i must dealing with my final project so just wish me luck! Really need to leave that collage soon..




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