December 8, 2010
It's been a lovely week because we have a day off yesterday. How you spent it?
 Me?Just spent it with my family, I mean my brother, Mom and Dad, of course with some of the relatives. We had a nice chat about being healthy since one of the member of this big family got a serious healthy problem. Anyway when the day off it means it's time to get a fabulous pieces for Christmas and New Years eve. I really digging my grave now because I already get some of clothes, even I love for bags and shoes this year I'm totaly put my heart on clothes. All the midnight sale, all the best year end offer and all the local brand drive me crazy. I keep saying to my self that I supposed to be a good spender since all those money that I've got belongs to my parents not mine since I'm still a student even I have a little income for my online store it doesn't mean i must spend it all. By the way I just make some post, actually some old photos to my chictopia's blogchic here. It's relief to get back to the chictopia world, my fashion inspirations came from that site :)
So I have a fun with my cousins who came to my house yesterday and playing with them is a nice try. I can't stand to see their cute face and playing silly things and run around the house, I felt like I'm still in the 6th grade, so silly. So since I don't have a routine beside working on my thesis then just going around and of course it will cost and running my money so I decide to cook. Yeah! I have so many pictures about the result of my latest passion which means trying to make a healthy and good food but I don't have a courage to publish it, LOL. I think this is the right time to bring some appetite :)

#1 Oatmeal in the morning is a great choice. I used to hate it because I feel it will stuck in my throat like forever. But I cooked it then added some strawberries or bananas on it, in this case I put a strawberries. Omelette is my favorite menu for breakfast but I added a lot of tomatoes, mushrooms and dill weed,it so tasteful :D

#2 Bread is a good choice too, but for a healthy breakfast it will be better if you choose wheat brad, but for this day I prefer use a normal bread. I saw this when I saw bake series in TLC. So I just try and modified the recipe. I mixed a baking powder, an egg and homemade caramel then smear it on a bread and roasted it. When you want to serve it just put unsalty butter and some sugar above it. It's easy to make and make a cup of tea then It will be a great breakfast set :)
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