December 8, 2010
I feel all people around me get serious problems. Most of them get cancer and I can’t emagine how sad when I heard about it. I found three of people that closed to me get that problem. I know how it feels even I never be in cancer and I hope I will not be in that situation but it happened to one of my family and we can trhough it. The key is HOPE, without HOPE all kinds of madicine will be nothing and pray. I tried so many kinds of church, not me but me, Mom, Dad and my brother. We tried to go to any kind of church, for what?Search the God? I think so, we just make God as a priority only when we sick, rite? Admit it! 
Sometimes we forgot Him when we are happy,rite? But I believe oneday we will get a huge problem that seems we can handle it and that’s why we will make Him as a priority, it’s true it will happen and what to do just be prepared. I just wanna say for people who get this, be strong! Family is the key, nobody will support you except your own family, I mean you parents and sibblings. Sometimes the sibblings won’t help, it happened to me. You know why?
In this case, I mean cancer is a huge issue, people must get a huge money to get heal, there is a big amount of money for operation, laser or “cemoteraphy”, fyi as I know cemotherapy is devine by six parts and each part is about US $1000, how creazy is that? But it’s not enough because They can make sure if you trought it then you will be fine. Each “cemo” has a different “symptom” like “muntah”, “mual” or screaming because of the painfull injury. Just give a big support for the patient, don’t ever show your sad face and never put your ears 100% about what they say because sometimes they get easy to mad. 
So last Sunday I spent my day by church service and meet my uncle that was sick, from my writing you can gust the disease rite? We just give our support to him, He looked stress and I know he frear and scared but my family ever in that situation so we will give our support for him since He do the same way when we got that. Please God let him through it
What I Wore: Black Dress by COTTON.INK/Grey Studded Heels/Grey Snake Skin Clutch/
Earrings by F21/Grey Hairpiece from Korea
all accessories that I love.I felt happy when I was cleaning it
 all hairpiece for this year. My faves are the floral hairpieces :)
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