December 5, 2010
My tax course was offer so beside my Thesis there is nothing else I can do. So I just browsing and found some nice and cute dessert, after that I decided to taste it with my friend Aya. I arrived first then strolling around while I was waiting for Aya, then we met at Social House. I never go here before by my self or with friends because I don't think this place is proper for my pocket,LOL. But I do love the interior and the food except the price, price comes with a great quality but If there is another choice I think I prefer go here with parent so I don't need to spend my money just for foods. 
 American Chocolate
Anyway I want to try their tiramisu but Aya already ordered it so, I choose American Chocolate. It's very tasteful and the cake quite big even only a slice. The tiramisu contains with three difference flavors, vanilla, lemon and blueberry in three bowls and each bowls has a small portion so don't worry you will enjoy it without feeling glut. My recomendation for dessert is the tiramisu since they make with three favors and cheaper than the American Chocolate :)
triple tiramisu

unbranded black tanks/black jeans by cheap monday/vintage brownie belt/earrings by f21/mustard wedges by shoeizme/studded bag by ciciero/mustard puffy blazer
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  1. yum yum yum...
    love the tiramissu...

    by the way nice outfits, i like your blazer :)

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