December 5, 2010
Since I’m back to my normal life, so I’m stuck at home. I’m not really stock on it, but I prefer doing things at home. My taxes class was over even not all the score is come out, so I will be waiting for the rest and get the sertificate. It such a bored routines like watching tv, reading magazine even I supposed to be reading all about taxes books for my thesis, then eat (this is my fave since I eat too well) and the last thing is being organized by clean up my room. Now I feel easy to find something because I know exactly where I put all my stuffs plus I can sit on my sofa now because before I do the cleaning thing my sofa is full of clothes, books and bags. 
Day 2: UNO is our new best friend
First trial of Jelly Lens
Me and Aya
Nancy and Me
First money from the 1st day
Speaking about books, I found about four until five books that I bought but I never read it, they still with their cover exactly the same look like when I bought it. I just read one of them and keep continue to read the rest of it. I feel now I’m easy to get dizzy so I think writing is the best medicine. I want to share about my last event with some friends, it’s about three weeks ago. Me and my friends joined an event called “we are sale vol.8” it’s like a bazaar and who makes this event is the owner of a little shop with the same name of this bazaar.
the team: me
the team: Aya (day 1 and 2)
the team: Wanda (day 1 and 2)
 the team: Nancy (day 1 and 2)
We took a part of this event because I think it will be fun, beside me and this friends never to this things and it’s been a long time since our last meet together. This event is for two days of weekends. Sunday is better than Saturday for us. We took some of pictures and why we tell that Sunday is better than Saturday because we well prepared, I brought my UNO card and we played for a day, from the beginning till the end, LOL. We found interesting piece too, it’s like a small equipment that can make an effect for your camera. It’s an old things because I know it like 6 months ago but now it’s cheapper so I think we lucky enough.
UNO Match
After the creepy day just finished, we went to Pasific place for diner on the 1st day. We had a diner together with very excited and extremely tired at Pancious. Making money is not easy friends, specially when we need to deal with a customer. We must know the best price, the best stuffs and put a big smile all the time. But I feel this event is the best time to learn and be patient about being an enterpreneur. I hope all of you enjoyed :)
super sweet diner menu to end the bad day
 The Team: Aya, Me, Nancy and Wanda
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