December 11, 2010
Since the last two days I've been sicked but now feeling better after saw the doctor this morning. I'm assume that chicken breast fillet that I bought about three days ago not fresh. This is my second time being allergic to some food. The first time it happened because of salmon that not fresh from Warung pasta, Kemang. If you want to hang there please stay away from seafood, try chicken or red meat. So i have a bad sore throat and it makes me lazy to talk specially when it's not necessary, so I spent this day by staying at bad in the morning and after the lunch, me and My Mom went to Plaza Indonesia. I went there because I want to see The GOODS Dept since I'm a huge fan of Brightspot Market.
 Cropped beige top by oneandahalf//black jeans by cheapmonday//black classic shawl by d'bute
random owl earrings//ring by F21//camel belt//dark brown tote bag and batik sandals by moksha

I would say the stuffs quite not much but they arrange it properly and make into some sections, like Living stuffs in tho front side after the cashier, then shoes and boys sections, the last section is girls sections. I must say the clothing's line is great, they offer so many brands that you've never saw it before in Brightspot Market. My favorite brands are oneandahalf because the price is affordable, then pard because the design is unique, simple and effortless, then the new brand that i actually forgot the name but the rack is next to Nikicio rack if you come straight from the cashier. End up this shopping trip bought a Utilitarian Navy pants from Cotton INK and a nice shirt for my brother. 
 The Zupa Soup.Made it yesterday for me, Dad and my Brother. Enjoy guys :)

 the GOODs bag with an invitation from Nikicio for their latest fashion show
I would say that this Pants running so fast, because the first time it launched, I want to order from their online site but still thinking about it because it's all size and based on my friend's experience that she bought an all size pants from cotton ink, it come with a huge all size, so when I came back this pants already out of stock! I'm really happy to get it from The GOODS Dept even I've got in navy, i think utilitarian pants in khaki is the best piece. I hope they do restock on this item :)
 the invitation I've been waiting for
Oh rite, I went to GOODS Dept not only to see what the place look alike but also to claim my invitation, lucky me to sent email asking for the invitation and they gave it for free to the bloggers,yay! By the way, tomorrow is the special day because there is a great event named Tribute to Friends, bring a lot of cash, you can pay by credit card but they will make a charge about 2,5%. Here's the flyer and details. *sorry for the bad picture
An event showcasing a selection of clothings and accessories made by young and talented local designers
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Sunday, 21 February 2010
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