December 13, 2010
Still have a very bad flu but the sore throat already gone, yay!
So every sunday my routine is go to church for church service then waiting for Mommy because she join a choir so they need more time to practice, after strolling at the mall near my church I came back to pick my Mom but the rehearsal is not finished yet so some of my friends asked me to join Youth Choir. I don't say that I can't sing or don't know about musical notes but I never join the rehearsal before and I thought is not polite to join while the event is coming in two weeks.
I joined until my Mom finished her practice and came home. Not really really come back to home because I'm a big fan of noodles by Medan Ria restaurant in Senayan, so I dropped by there with Mom to fullfill my desire, then after hear that this is the last day of midnight sale in senayan city, My Mom eager to see those stuffs and asked me to picked her stuffs at 8 o'clock. I came home and want to take a rest about one hour because bad rest is the great medicine for cold but I can't sleep well. So I wan in a rush to go to Birdcage to see Tribute to friends.
Actually I went there to meet my friends that sell her stuffs and I want to fix my pants that I bought from her. The brand name is 'oneandahalf' affordable and adorable. It's not like brightspot market, they only have a view brand like Retail Therapy, Douche, Janeville, Oneandahalf, Nikicio, Stab, Thrunk, utee2010, Argyle Oxford, Kle, etc. My favorite brands are Douche since their lace top really yummy but I remember that I already bought some clothes so I must "menahan diri" and their clogs really good but I think it's too expensive since they are local brand but the quality quite good. So bad that my size already out of stock so they only have until size 38.
 some booklets from the stand
Retail Therapy that has a great collections of jumpsuits, they come in grey and black color with two different models. Then Oneadnahalf, this brand really my fave since the designer is my highschool friend and the design was simple, effortless and affordable. I went to The GOODS Dept last Saturday and their stock already run out, congrats girl! Then Agryle Oxford the new brand. I saw ther twitter account and followed them, I think their new collection quite good but not really my style so I just end up with tassel necklace and ordered a pair of sripes shoes from them.
I can't wait to get it!Yaaay!Then the last one is utee2010, an handmade local designer specialized for bag, nice design but the price comes with a great quality too. Since I'm a shoes lover so I just passed the rack,LOL. Then when I came home I saw on my timeline that Nikicio gave 75% discount for NN:02 collections and I'm too stupid to asked them about the stock, because I can't see their display rack, they only put a view of boxes. Huh! Basic things is my weekness.
 white shirt from Bangkok/utilitarian navy pants by pearl earrings
tassel necklace by Argyle Oxford/watch by fossil/rattan bag by zara/ black balerina flats by Petitecupcakes
This is my first time to join midnight sale in senayan city and it was so crawded, I done that only because of my Mom, maybe I was upset because I can't find anything good for my self,LOL Now it's already nite, tomorrow I must drop my Mom to her office since my Mom's driver just ost his father in law. I hope tomorrow I'll be fine and maybe this is a destiny to go to campus and doing research for the final chapter for my thesis, just wish me luck
My favorite noodle in town
I found an old picture from my mobile phone. Actually this pictures not so old, maybe it was taken about one months ago. So me and My Mom attended a wedding ceremonial and we agree to go there in traditional outfit named "kebaya". I don't have so many kebayas in my closet, only two or three and all of them is made from cotton, we called it "kebaya encim" in bahasa. My Mom said that the best shoes for kebaya is sandals which has beads with 5-7cm of heels, I don't have any so I mixed it with my oxford heels, I know it's kindda weird but I feel great when I wore it. By the way my peach hairpiece is my favorite accessories lately, I found it from my last trip to Bandung and want to order it again in another color. I'm glad that the person who made this hairpiece has a blog so I can order this hairpiece by email :)
gold kebaya encim by senawangi/traditional sarong/brown shoes/brown clutch
peach hairpiece/white kebaya encim by senawangi/saroong belongs to my Mom
Watch by Chomel/Purple clutch/Peach Oxford by Petitecupcakes  
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