December 16, 2010
This thesis makes me mad day by day. It’s really hard to get a bachelor degree when you must do a thesis, why not just make an exam to get this degree?It would be easier,LOL. My lecture never get satisfied about my writing and I’m bored for making revision about my thesis every week,huh. No one says that they don’t hate school. But when I get down with this things some friends always cheer me up by their words. They said that I will through this and will be a better person if I can be patient to do all of this with my heart on it. Sometimes blogging and browsing are the greatest guilty pleasure to getaway for a moment from this madness.
According to my post about two days ago, I shared that I’ve got an invitation from local brand named Nikicio that will release their latest collection Femme Resort 2011 titled The White Oleander on Dec 15th 2010 at The GOODS Dept, so I desided to come. The show should be start at 7pm and I think I can make it since the place when this event was held is in 3in1 area and it’s impossible to break that rules so I know that I will be late or even worse, I will miss the show. I arrived at 7.45pm because a very bad traffic and the show didn’t even start at that time, I guess lucky me! So many people there, specially from press, fashionista, blogger and all chic city girls and boys who loves this local brand.
 the crowd and the show #sorry for the bad pictures xP
Most of them come with a black outfit, like mine because you will not look too much when you wear black, rite? It was really a great show, I enjoyed it. Every single piece has their own signature, comes with the basic colors as always, simple, chic and timeless. This time Nikicio comes with some pattern like dots, tribal, snake skin print, and rose. My favorites are the maxi dresses in dots and tribal pattern, comfy sweater and snake skin print top. Something that interesting from their accessories is the bag!made from snake skin with a drawstring and come with the small size like a buckle, I don’t know this is their sponsors or they produce this bag.
Inside the goodie bag: lookbook of Nikicio Femme Resort 2011 The White Oleander and lookbook of Nikicio NN:02 The Songs I’ve Never Listened To. I was surprised when I saw the NN:02 lookbook, because the NN:02 collection is a basic collections by Nikicio that very affordable, comfortable, and made from an organic cotton means when we buy this piece it would be save the environment. The basic stuffs like tank, tee shirt, sweater, shorts, jackets, pants and basic dress came with so many various colors and you will love them on the first sightseeing this lookbook. According to their twitter account this collection will be ready in their webstore by next week. Oh this year will be the best year, all midnight sale, all year end sale, all reduce price will wrap this year perfectly and the next year we will be bankrupt, LOL.
 sheer drappery top by (x)sml//maxi black skirt by Nikicio//tassel as belt by Agryle Oxford
accessories by f21//studded clutch by ciciero//bow wedges heels
This year will be ended soon, so it’s time to start a new chapter by making a new year resolutions? I always make it every year but never really fulfill all the resolutions. I know it such a bad things, but when you get older you realized how important to have some targets in your life, it’s like set an achivement to make your life more colorful. So lets start to make a list
How to start it?By release yourself, let you deal with yourself, your emotion, your thoughts, your ambitions, your wish and your anger. Release all of them, specially when it deals with the past. Leave it and make this as an old parts of your life that you must throw away of it and forget about it. When you keep it in your deep heart, you will never going trough with your present life 100%. This is an important things that you can’t ignore or pretend that you don’t care. As long as you can deal and release your past by forgiving all you’ve done then you can be the true you. I know it’s hard but keep trying
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  1. Cecylia says:

    I love your gold tassel!

  2. cute dress! fits u so nicely! :)

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