November 12, 2010
After my review about Nikicio for Centro products, now I will give you a review about their siblings.
As we know that ONEANDAHALF was below the Nikicio brand eventhought now this brand purely standing by themself.

The creative director was my friend, we went to the same highschool. So she informed me that she already release the new collection of ONEANDAHALF called "Love Me Not"
I think this time the desainer trying to be more colorful, which is really good for this brand. This a local brand with reasonable and affordable price. They have so many pieces for this collections. You can check it here include the price list.

The pictures below is some of their collections that really catchy to be seen. The material looks very light, simple and comfortable. I love all of them and it seems they look at the trend that really hot this season.
You can find maxi skirts, maxi dress with a great details on the back, metalic jacket which is the latest trend from the runway, loose top, harem pants, and kimono outwear which is i love so much (i hope they produce in khaki or in peach color, it will be great)

Dou you affraid if they not fit you well?Don't worry they have size and some of them are in all size so thin or chubby it doesn't matter. I'm really sick of a girl that always complain about their look! Please try to respect your body, if people complain about it as long as you are healty it doesn't really matter. They don't love you! They love you only because of your look and that's not a pure thing. So please stop complaining! Every girl has their own beauty either it's inner or outer beauty

So I was picked 3 simple stuffs and i choose the shorts, the cropped top and the kimono outwear. But I would say that the black maxi dress and the loose top with the similar detail with the maxi dress are tempting too.
Oh my friend you pieces really make me crazy!
Gotta reach her soon before this stuffs was sold :)
Have a nice day people

courtesy by ONEANDAHALF and edited by me
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