November 16, 2010
I'm back again. Really feeling bad because I can't keep posting something everyday. So many things that I want to share in this blog, specially last week was a great week because of Jakarta Fashion Week. Maybe I will post it latter. I'm still looking the perfect dress for christmas and new year's eve. This is some inspirations:

.Black lace Maxi Dress>>I  looked the similar dress like this by Nikicio, It's too bad out of stock.

.Tassel Flats>>Flats is comfortable shoes for me right now. Tassel is a great accessories specially above the flats. I know that bow flats is the latest trend but since I can't find myself a pair of tassel shoes so I feel curious and still hunt them. Anyway I found a great oxford shoes in 3 block colors, it looks really amazing but still thinking about to buy it or not since the price not really good, need to hunt the similar one with a great price.

.Knitted>> Specially the nude color or basic color like the picture below. The long sleeve will be a nice choice since the weather not quite friendly lately.

.Nude Shorts>> But not the hot pants, because it's rainy season, so put your tights below the shorts will be more comfortable. I definitely get this one from local brand and can't wait to see them (they still produce my order)

.Cape>> Specially with pattern like diamonds or plaid. Really must have item for this bad rainy season!
.See Through Stuffs>> See through pants like the picture below would be nice to have. But I prefer the see through maxi dress or maxi skirts. I already get this one and still waiting the package until they arrive at my room :)

.Maxi Dress>> I can't say anything about this item!Maxi Dress is a must have items for this season. Even so many designer use ciffon material with very unique pattern but the plain one is a simple one and timeless so black or broken white it doesn't really matter. I really get the same dress (as seen on the picture below) but what I've got, it has a detail bottom of the dress. I'm still waiting the package and can't wait to try it on me.

I've been busy with my thesis lately and it drive me crazy! I think I need a holiday, but even I have an offer and my Mom agree with that, it's too bad that I need to focus on my thesis. I already reject 2 offers of pleasures (means holiday). Focus..focus.. I need to focus.. after this school things I will be free to do whatever that I want and I will have a great holiday, anyone? After this things i will going somewhere, going crazy and have a challenging trip! Roger..roger..calling all spontaneous person and independent!

source:pixie market
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