October 15, 2010
Morning people! I woke up early this morning because yesterday i studied and slept all over the day so now I feel great. I couldn't say that yesterday was my best day since the weather is so bad, the thunder clap was scary, so i decided to spent my noon by stayed at my bed,lol. Remember about my wardrobe's door that suddenly fall down 2 days ago? The glasses in that door was broken, there is only a little pieces again left on that door. So i will fix it and i will tell you that this is my first do it my self things for my room.
So the first thing i must crack that little pieces of glasses that stayed on my wardrobe's room. Be careful!You can use towel to cover the glasses to avoid the broken glasses, hit it by hammer or any things that made by iron. If you don't have a courage to do that please ask man because this part need circumspection. After that just clean the framework of your wardrobe.
What you need: string, glue gun, wood clamp, ring (you can find it on hardware store), scissors, and a bunch of your photos or inspired photos (I used street style photos that i've got from all street style's site)
Then used your glue gun to stick the ring to the framework side by side, it depends on your taste. Then put a string (you can also used your taste to do it) then heap you pictures on it and stick it with the wood clamp. Voilaaa! Here's the new door of my wardrobe. What do you think? I've done that because i worried if the door will fall down again and it will hurt me so i think this new door design really safety and look chic :)
ps: i also put a string to replece my wardrobe's button
Now I gotta go to drop my Dad for his therapy and then continue my study. I hope me and my dad will have an interesting subject to discuss while we are on our way.
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