October 16, 2010
Finally it's weekend!Horraaayyy!
I always excited when the weekend comes even i don't have any plan. Weekend means i can sleep for all day, watching dvd or even playing with my dog. But today there is so many plans. I must practice my hands this morning because tomorrow i will play at church service, then attend my friend's graduation, after that i will go to my friend's house for celebrating her graduation. Oh I really happy to meet all my friends, I can't wait!

Yesterday was my big day because i have two exams. The first one about property tax and the last one about value added tax. I took taxes class about one and a half months ago, I was not enjoy it at the beginning but now i really enjoy my taxes class. So speaking about the exam, i think i was do my best even after the exam my class mates talk about it and i realized that i made a wrong answer. I don't care because it's already done. Next week will be the hectic week since I'm so excited about my next getaway and this weekend i must googling the great place to be seen before i go.
grey sweater is a gift from my Mom/tailored harem pants by chameleon (email me if you want to buy)/
studded bag by ciciero/black flats by rubi/owl earrings/watch by casio

I was browsing some great shoes lately and i found some. I just want all of these, specially for the wedges. Wedges make you look tall, sexy and it's stable. I prefer wedges because it's not like stilettos that painful. The stable heels make you feel comfortable when you wore it. Hmm.. this shoes so yummy and i can't buy all of them even i want to, so lets hope i can buy a pair every month,lol.

1 by june+julia 2,3,4 by shoeizme

I already ordered one pair of wedges in black color, why black because I've been dying to get black heels, platform, wedges and flats. Black is easy to combine and beside that i don't know why i think I've got inspired by Parisienne that always love black because it looks classy and elegant. Ah i can't wait till it's coming, because this onlineshop is one of my fave handmade shoes for local brand. Believe me this is the best in our town :)
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