October 17, 2010
Happy Sunday all :)
I just excited about this weekend because after my taxes exam i need to do something that i enjoy. So yesterday I supposed to be with my best friend attended her graduation day, but i was late. I'm terrible sorry about it. I spent my last weekend with practicing my hands to play at church service today. I have a partner that only about 10 or 11 years old who's still in elementary school, salute to her! Because in that age, she has the courage to play in front of so many people. Sometimes i feel weird when the first play in my church, because when you press the wrong button of those white or black tuts then people will stare at you about five till ten seconds and give you a judging look that you don't deserve to play that instrument. Hey i think it's natural, you get nervous then press the wrong tuts beside that we're still learn it, rite?
Then after an hour practice my play, i moved to my friend's house. She has a small meeting with her relatives and invite some of her friend to celebrated her new degree. I'm so jealous because I'm still stuck with my thesis to get my bachelor degree but when I saw her, i knew it that i can do it. So I'm super excited to meet some friends for my middle school, actually i know them from elementary school. My friend brought her camera and i just put some pictures here.
1: ladiva//bianca//dame//me ; 2: ladiva//bianca//me
By the way, i would like to say thanks to my friend Ina, who gave me this super cute and comfortable acid dress from her holiday. Really fit me well and even it look a little bit loose but i like it, the color just perfect. So i wore it for the first time as my Saturday's outfit. I always excited about what people gave to me, it's like a challenge for me to look good on it and make the person who gave it happy when i wore or use it.
 unbranded black tank//acid dress by cotton on (gift from Ina)//black blazer (thrifted)//unbranded latex leggings//owl earrings//watch by chomel//studded bags by ciciero//black ballet flats by petite cupcakes

Today, i woke up early because this is a day for my play. It was going well and I'm really happy about that. So because of waiting for my Mom rehearsal in church's choir, I forgot to buy the latest cd of Endah and Rhesa (it a duo from my country), they are a couple that already married about a few months ago and their songs really amazing. The beat, the lyrics and the music make you feel calm, cozy and spirited in the same time. Maybe i will buy it after i claim my ticket. So there will be a next getaway trip! Yay!

white shirt by Nikicio NN-02//black harem pants by chameleon (email me if you intend to buy)
pearl earrings by f21//necklaces by massimo and topshop//red studded clutch by ciciero//red pumps by zara

Very excited about it and i hope i can search the best place to come before i go there. I already bought a map for it,lol. It's the place that really traditional and the people who lived there really friendly. Ah I can't wait! So this noon i went to supermarket with Mom for groceris shopping. I do it because I want to buy the ingredients to make Tuna Pizza that i saw on surreal gourmet on TLC and want to make it by my own. It's too bad because they don't sell pizza crust. So maybe i will get it tomorrow too. This noon i make mango and melon mixed caramel sauce as the toppings of the chocolate mixed with vanilla with choco chips ice cream (such a long name,lol), make it two for me and my brother. We agreed that mango is the best food compare with melon. enjoy the pic :)
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