October 19, 2010
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Monday is not my fave day at all. So many bad things happened. It's like unpredictable and i really don't like it. I'm going to out of town for a view days. I already plan this trip and i hope it will be fun even there is some distraction but lets hope for the best. Yesterday i went home with my friend, she is my friend from my tax class. I just asked her about my destination for my next trip. It's domestic trip and for me having a relationship with local people is the important things. If it's only about having fun and shopping i think it's too ordinary.

So she tought me alot about my destination, what do and what don't. She went on vacation with two friends and agreed that they will do backpackers things. And one of them is like a spoilled princess who always shopping and shopping all day long, worried about the bed and many things. She said even they know for many years when it comes to traveling then they will show you the real character. The funny things, it's just happened! It has been my dream that one day if i must traveling without my parent i will be a great tourist. Having fun but i can get something from that moment.

I want to make a different between my own life in the city and in the other area. I want to know what they do for living and leave my comfort life behind and mingle with them. Beside that maybe my spontaneous and adventurous characters make me like this. I don't want to regret this but actualy I keep saying that i hope I'll be fine. So this is the last day and i hope i can bring a great pictures when i come back.

Currently watching Ugly Betty season 4 and Betty's outfit so awesome! I mean the layering, the color, just fit her well. She put so many colors but actually every pieces is superb!
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  1. I'm coming back!
    great blog as always!

  2. Olive says:

    Thank you! welcome back :)
    Your blog really inspiring even I don't speak french.

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