October 24, 2010
Hello readers, I’m back to town!
Yeah finally! And I’m glad to be here again. I miss my Mom, my Dad and My Brother even I don’t see my Brother because he spent his weekend at Bandung. Anyway come back soon my Brother, there is so many things that i want to tell and share to you and you will not gonna miss what i brought for you.
First post after 5 days and I’m gonna share my weekend first. I came back yesterday at 3pm, arrived about 5pm at home and prepared for diner with my bestfriend. She was celebrated her 23th birthday. Happy Birthday my dearest friend Aya!Wish you all the best! I hope your dreams will come true specially about being a rich girl, success and famous! So we had diner at Harum Manis with 10 others. The place is next on casis and it’s really a great place. I always love Indonesian cuisine because most of them decorated their place with traditional things. I this place you will find betawi mixed netherland things. 
Birthday girl wanna blow the light

"tumpeng" from Harum Manis//the best satay in this world (in front of her)


some of the foods

some of the foods

I forgot took the interior photos but It’s my pleasure to share with you the great descriptions from my writing. From outside it looks very modern, they covered the whole side by glass, but when you come in you will see the different look. All in white and it looks like traditional home from betawi. In the left side near the door your will see some sofa that covered with batik fabrics, then next those sofa you will see a corner that full of batik stuffs, i think they colaborated with textile museum to display some of their stuffs at that place. Than in the center of that place you will see so many table and chairs that made from wood, very traditional just like we seen in betawi’s(one of a clan in Indonesia)  house like in “Si Doel” (local movie). 

Me with Nancy (we love to blog)

Then in front of this area you will meet the bar, they fill this area with a high chair just like we see if we are going to sushi tei and sitting in their sushi bar. But the chair looks really traditional too. Then on right side of this bar there is a private room that decorated with traditional things too also in the left side, but the private room on the left side is bigger than the others, so that where we were. The waiters wore a traditional costume like javanesse and some of them wore a uniform in green mixed with brown color. They really helpfull and provide “tumpeng” (yellow rice with some toppings, it’s traditional food. 

Birthday girls and a boy crew (Panji, Aya, Tian, Hendra)

Me with the birthday girl

Aya and Wanda

Nancy and Aya

Together!! Wanda//Nancy//Aya//Me

People in hear eat this when celebrating something) for the birthday girl. The food really tasteful, it’s not too salty but the flavor was amazing!My favorites are satay (they served with a big and long plate made from clay), then “Soto” but it looks like “laksa” from singapore because the color that mixed between yellow, white and red. About the price maybe not like another indonesian restaurant but i will recomended this place and really worth to try. You can check their website here (http://harum-manis.com) Speaking about my last vacation, I really can wait to write a post about it but since I’m really exhausted so maybe tomorow i will wite and post so many pictures about it. So please hold on,LOL. What about your weekend readers?I hope it was great just like mine :)
Unbranded black tank//tailored made bow harem pants (email me if you want to order, it by chameleon)//dotted sheer cape by (x)sml//earrings by f21//watch by chomel//necklace by kidnapped(got it from “pasar seni itb”)//mustard wedges by shoeizme//unbranded yellow big bag

First row: Wanda, Me, Nancy, Sarchie, Lia
Second row: Boni, Aya

clockwise: Me/Nancy/Panji/Tian/man 1/Hendra/man 2/girl 1/Boni,/Lia/Aya (The Birthday Girl)/Sarchie/Wanda
*so sorry i don't know the name of the man1,2 and the girl 1

Me, Wanda and Nancy before we left

I had so much time last weekends but after left my room for 4 days, i think i can see that it's getting messy and nasty now. My table full of books, novels and magazines and so many empty bottles that i must drop to the body shop for recycling, then i just unpack and see all the sovenirs, make a list to people that deserve it, the last think is my sofa, It's full of my bags, souvenirs, big boxes, shoes and batik dress. If my Mom saw this, I'm sure she will be scared and scream out! I must reorganized those things because I don't like my maid do it for me since if they do it will hard to find things that i need because I don't do it by my self. Thinking about repaint my room, any idea about the wall color? should i change the color or just make a mural on it? Oh i wanna say that I've got dream catchers from my last holiday to Jogjakarta, will share the details and the pictures tomorrow. Nite-nite readers :)

on the table


bags, souvenirs, shoes everywhere

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