October 26, 2010
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Just drop by to share the worse day for this year! So yesterday I went to my tax class and when i was on my way the rain was falling down and the sky suddenly get dark and burry, I can't see clearly but i tried to keep on a track. Floats everywhere and I came home 00.30am this morning! I don't know what to say about this situation but i don't want to be a stupid person to stay in this city. Sometime moving to another city will be a great idea. maybe Jakarta is a capital city means a big chance to get a great life, bigger income and bla..bla..bla.. but everytime I visit another city that not as big as Jakarta I find that people on the small city happier, they care with eachother, they have a simple mind. I know everything needs money but money is not everything. If you have a mount of money then you get stuck in a bad traffic, a crazy deadline, be a workaholic and then getting sick. What do you got? You need more money to pay the hospital, you don't have so much time with your family and you will have nothing! Maybe small city means small income and no prestige but you get more healthy, more time and more happy. It's about a choice but i think i will consider all of this minds. If we still young it's okay to catch the money and the career but when we have our own family than this question will be hard to answer. By the way I"m kindda afraid everytime the rain was falling down, it's better to stay at home for today. I will study about income tax for the company because since i left my tax classes for my holiday, I just got blank and this friday i will face an exam. Wish me luck :)
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