October 27, 2010
Hello world..
I just arrived at home after my tax class. I've been sleepy lately while my istructor teached something in my tax class. After two times abcent because of my small trip which is not urgent but for some reason i put my rasionality behind and go what ever the condition and now i feel terrible. Sometimes we doing a huge mistake that we already known the impact but sometimes we close our eyes just for a small reason that really a bad idea. So i end up with empty head about income tax and i will face an exam this friday! crap! Even I've got all the notes and cases about income tax i still don't get the point.
The point is if for the next two days I still like this then My score will be on the bottom list! I don't say that i must have a great score but at lease i don't want to repeat the exam. So far I never get the best score in my class, but I'm not the stupid one. I'm the only college student in my class so it's so embarrassing when those employees can bite my score. I just hope that tomorrow i can open my mind and push those lesson to my head. Anyway today I meet Aya for our luncheon time. It's been a long time since somebody get busy with the love and mushy things.
thrifted floral maxi dress//tassel flats from bangkok//bracelets from Jogja//
pearl earrings from f21//watch by fossil//satchel box bag

I don't say it's a bad idea but when you know the person who don't like to talk in that sweet words then you will feel it's weird and wanna laughing about it, no offense please. So I meet Aya in Grand Indonesia, this place is our favourite place to hang and get some inspirations because so many store here. I have a korean meal for my lunch, it's cheap and with a huge feed. I think next time I come back here i will try another menu, I really wanna try kimchi!
#korean set as my lunch menu
So we end up our luncheon with strolling around level one. They have so many cute stuffs there, since we have the same purpose to get a dress for christmas and new years eve, so we just start hunting this day, i know it's about two months leter but we can get the best dress for the best moment with the best price,LOL. Really adore those pieces in this area. But i prefer the ethnic stuffs like vintage dress but in colors. I found this pieces, the embroideries and the deatils really great. It's like a triftted dress but they recycle it and make them look more fabulous!
The first dress in a lime color with a wave arms and the flower details on the left

#wave detail on the arms and floral embriodery

# The second dress in dark blue

# detail of crochet collar

# floral embriodery on both side (right and left)

# 3rd dress in khaki mixed peach color with the peach belt

#embriodery details

What do you think?I love the last one but still looking for another dress because this is not in my size, it's a little bit bigger on my body. Now enough for the story, I must doing my thesis and see my lecture tomorrow. Wish me luck :)
*sorry for the bad resolutions of those images because i was taken by my mobile phone
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