October 30, 2010
I'm back! Yeah after busy day because of my thesis and my tax course so finally I can enjoy my weekends.
For me weekends start from Friday, and my friday was bad. I had a tax exam on that day and I didn't make it. I skiped my tax classes for two days because i had a small trip to Yogyakarta and I admit it was a stupid decision. Even i have a strong reason to do it but it's a past so let it be. I already studied a day before the test with some friends that really kind to teach me.
We studied together, solve a case from our instructor but when i face the exam actually the case was pretty easy but it was make me confuse so i didn't do it well and i feel terrible about it My friends just cheer me up even i know it was not working on me because i already upset. But the traffic that night was quite good and i can come home earlier. After a view days of late sleep so i can have a long time to sleep start on friday. Woke up this morning with a cold and dizzy head because last night i watched tv till midnight, I came out from my room and met my Mom.
She asked me to accompany her to go to Indo Craft in Jakarta Convention Center (JCC). I don't have any plan today except that i must practice my play for the church service. So I did it in the morning before I left home. It's nice to learn music since when you have a bad day, you can do play and cheer yourself, you will feel relax and it can boost your mood.
I came out from my room and my Mom just surprised to see my outfit. She said that we just going to JCC and felt that my outfit is too dress up even i think it's just simple outfit. So i changed my outfit. I just wore a tank, loose cardigans and a harem pants. But i feel comfortable with those pieces. I left home and picked up my Aunty then we went to JCC together. I was surprised because the traffic was not too crowded and also inside the building. So I feel freee to stroling around.
I know it can be like this if we go there with our Mom. In this case my Mom really focus on jewellery booth specially when they sell pearls mixed with diamonds. I like pearls, I do really like it. But maybe because i'm still a college girl and love to wear anykind of accessoriess so i prefer maybe the cheap one. I don't feel comfortable to wear jewellery for day because sometimes i take public transportation and i don't want get robbed so it's better to wear the cheap or the fake one like jewel from our favourite store like forever 21.
So here we go..after stroling to pearls booth i felt really boring. So I said to my Mom that I want to see around by myself while my Mom still focus on those pearls. I will admit that local stuffs was not so bad specially the traditional things. I saw so many booth there from all the provices in my beloved country (Indonesia) and each provice has a unique stuffs.

white tank//peach cardigans from (x)sml//black bow harem pants from chameleon (email me for order)//earrings by f21
brown satchel box bag (email me if you intend to buy)//necklace by kidnapped alley//wood hairpiece from jogja//bowie flats by loveliness

Then i found a booth with a girl as a seller that have a chic outfit. I think her age is 20 something just like me. I saw her booth and found the same cape as she wore. And i love it just like the first time i saw it on her. I asked about my size and about the patterns and how many colors that they have. It's like wear a skirt as a top when you wear this cape but actually they make the arms part.
I prefer the brown like what she wore but she offered the black one and it's only the last one, so i picked it. I asked their bussiness card and found that their workshop is near from my home. I was so excited when i hear that. I asked the direction to their workshop and this girl really kind to explain the detail to me. When we do the transaction as buyer and seller, she told me that she like my cardigans and my necklace. She said that it looks chic and cute, well i can't hide my smile and said thank you for that compliment. I definitely will going to their workshop.

Ended this shopping time with "batik" cape, snake skin clutch and snake skin bb pouch :)

I visited North Sumatra's booth and found cute pieces made from snake skin. My Mom just love their traditional fabric. The pattern so typical of bataknesse specially the red one. I forgot to take the picture. I only take the snake skin bags because i love it. So what you're waiting for?Go there and drown yourself to those incredible stuffs!
accessories and bags from snake skin in North Sumatra Booth

accessories and bags from snake skin in North Sumatra Booth

My report from Indo Craft: When you go there, plese check their booth and come inside sometimes they put a bad dress on their mannequin. Most stuffs are "batik" but they will offer many different pattern and material from "batik", there is also pearls booth, ethnic accessoriess like from India (I found one and they sell a cute mini bag), leather booth (from bag, shoes even blackberry pouch), I think that's all. But i can say that they have a great and cute stuffs so bring your cash there and go shopping but save some money for the brightspot event that will coming through
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