October 31, 2010
Happy Sunday All :)
Just went to church as usual, but today isn't like any other sunday because i had to play for the church service.
Even I have been playing for almost 2 years, I still feel akward about 10 minutes after the first song. But my Mom said that my play was good even i have a little mistake. It seems lately I've been craving for clothes, shoes and bags, I just excited about christmas and new year event. I know it's too far to think about it but c'mon it's just about 2 months on our way. I've been searching a perfect dress for the perfect day but I'm still not find it, My Mom said that I over excited but I don't care since I want that day to be special and really I'm a good shopper now. I don't want to spend a mount of money for something that I can only wear it for one time.
ciffon ballon dress is a gift from Mom//necklace by kidnapped alley//earrings by f21
satchel box bag in camel//khaki flats by loveliness (this is one of my fave flats custom shoes too)

I know I'm still study and I just learn to manage my money so if oneday i get a job, I will definitely know how to control myself. Remember my post "this things just fulfill my desire" about "Pasar Seni ITB" event?On that day I was in the recycle booth, they sell so many bag from reuse material. I was interested with the seller's bag and asked it if she has the stock. Poor me that the stock already empty, so she gave me her number and i can ordered it. I checked out my contacts and because I was forgot to put the detail on her name so I think I forgot to save her number but finally I got it. I texted her and asked the stock and she has it,yay! I ordered it and asked my cousin if she can help me to get that bag. This bag made from "goni" (the material for wrap the rice in my town), first time i see the package it looks like a tablecloth but when you pull the string viola, now it looks like a bag.
#the recycle bag

This noon I also get package from my fave shoes store. It's local stuffs but the quality is good specially for the custom shoes. Even for the custom store their price little bit higher but it's still worth it. They named it "sailor wedges" the produce in electric blue but I need the black wedges so i ordered in black. They said approximately of making the shoes about 2 until 3 weeks and it's worth to be waited. You also can change the material, i think to ordered in satin but the last minutes i think it looks good in velvet so here the result
#sailor wedges in black

I missed my brother alot! This week I only met him once! Sometimes he got busy to do his assignment then I'm busy with my tax course. He has been left home for camping for 5 days!
He supposed to come home this day but I'm still got nothing from him. Just need to share the story and hear his story for the last five days. Hey, do you know what is the best come from vietnam?Is there any traditional stuffs that looks cute?
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  1. lets worship Him everytime! :)

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