November 10, 2010

I'm back! Yeah such a long time after my last post (still not a good blogger but I'll keep trying). So after browsed many site, I think for this day until the end of this year I will need those stuffs, here's the list:
1. Two Tone Dress or Top: I know this is so lat year but I believe beige, black and peach is the perfect color to be matched. Since the dress already sold, maybe I will grab the top. Isn't it cute?
2. Smokey Eyes make up: Still love with this trend but this season we can use bright colors like mint, purple, orange, yellow, etc. It will be fabulous.
3. Colar Dress: See what Alexa Chung's wearing? Plaid dress will be back!But not only plaid dress, the point is in the colar! I've seen so many stylish people wear vintage dress like this but with the colar like that. It can be made from cotton or lace. Let's hit the triffted store!!
4. Bralet: This item is a must! You can wear it inside the cute outer like layering outer, or you can put ousite your shirt or sweater. The material must be in black leather or floral will be cute too.
5. Polkadot Sweater: Seeing all streetstyle's site or blogs you will find this item! You can see it in Karla's blog from Karla's Closet, this pic from all the pretty bird's blog and many holywood young actress wore it. The perfect color is white mixed with the soft pink.
6. Maximize your look: Maxi things is a must, from a dress to a skirt! The great material is chiffon. So what are you waiting for? Grab those chiffon maxi dress to end this year :)

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