October 15, 2010
It's almost two weeks since my last post here.All because of my internet connection always down when i want to post something. Anyway speaking about a phenomenal date which is 10-10-2010 and it's on weekend, I spent my entire weekend on Bandung. Bandung institute of technology held an event named "Pasar Seni 2010" it's not annual event but you can find it about 4, 5 or maybe once in a six years. I had so much fun when i was there. They not only have a product stand but the student make their own stand for a purpose, for example they make a stand that show their painting or another art things. They also make a first year student to wear silly costume or yelling about that event. I thought all the stuffs will be so cheap, but when i was there i just realized that we must appreciate about what they made, beside it's about art. But believe me even you will find the stuffs on Alun-Alun in Jakarta, the price cheaper than in Alun-Alun, because you will buy from the maker. This is some flyers for this event.
the icons of "Pasar Seni ITB 2010"
 Okay now lets begin! I came there almost 11am and it's already crowded. Since i went there with a travel and didn't bring the car so i used public transportation and continue my trip by foot. I don't say that bring the car is a great idea, because this event only until 6pm and if you come late it will be more crowded. First i check all the stand product, i would like to say that it's hard to find boys stuffs here, they sell boy stuffs but i think not really great and not so many choice to be compare. The best boy stuffs so far only boots and leather material for some stuffs like hand cuff, blackberry pouch and wallet. For the girls, you can find so many things, but mostly all about "batik" start from the necklaces, shoes, sandals, bags and clothes. Then so much stand that sell shopping bag that eco friendly, and my fave is the stand who made a bag from "karung goni" (it's like a sack for keeping the rice well in my town), it's too bad they don't have any stock when i came there, but i can ordered it by text message to the owner, yay! They said that they open a stand in the last brightspot event but i think i didn't find them since brightspot always crowded and the space really small.
kidnaped//sibebo//ideku handmade//rumah bagus//kandura keramik//kattalog
From one of this stand i found that they open a class to learn knitting and crochet! Uh I'm so happy because I'm so itchy to learn those things and hard to find it in Jakarta specially to learn crochet. They gave me the detail of the class and the monthly payment really cheap compare in Jakarta. Oh Mommy please let me go there to learn those things! I feel now Bandung is more lovely than Jakarta. People on there really friendly and the weather just perfect. You don't need air conditioner and you can wear boots and shawl all the time without worrying that people will say you weird. Oh i forgot that i have some pictures about the first year student who got order to entertain all the visitors of "Pasar Seni 2010". Check out their foot, they wore a different shoes for each foot. When i saw this i remember about the first year on my high school, so silly and stupid when we still adopt this tradition, LOL
Ended this day with a late lunch at the tree house. It's a nice place specially for the family because they provide so many kids stuffs like cradle, the real tree house only for kids, etc. The interior design quite nice and they sell so many sausage!yay! Because "Pasar Seni ITB" event this place so crowded, when i ordered something they say we must waiting for 1 hour, believe it or not only about 15 or 20 minutes. I took duck roasted with green chili as my lunch menu
roasted duck with green chili by the tree house
This is the best service I've ever had! why? Because in Jakarta even the great restaurant they always says lets say we must wait about 15 minutes and the foods will come after 30 minutes! Please don't make a promise that you can't keep! Bandung has a great air, a great people, a great service, a great food and I just fell in love with all of that. The minus things only bad traffic at weekends because all people in Jakarta area are suddenly moved here and bring so many cars. I think public transportation in Bandung already sufficed, they have a cab and a public transportation like "angkot" really comfortable since the distance not quite long, we can reach every place in a minute. The best way when you bring your car is put a GPS on it :D
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  1. love the jewelry with the ropes.

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