October 14, 2010
Currently in love with khaki and white colors. So for the last 2 days of my taxes class i always wore this mixed colors. Even my taxes class make me exhausted but lately because I'm so happy, it doesn't really matter to hear what the instructor said about taxes things. Sometimes i feel bored and sometimes tweet and doing chat with a friend during the class but now i really focus on what his said because of the upcoming exam. It's nice to have a class with all the worker people, because tax is common things for them. We study together and laughing together. Our principle is "Study hard, play harder!" LOL. I will spent my entire days by watching dvd, ups i mean learning those slide about property tax and value added tax, just wish me a huge hugs, hmm... I mean a huge luck,LOL
White long sleeves shirt by Nikicio (NN-02)//Khaki pants by Zara Woman//Vintage tiny belt//
korean earrings//watch by fossil//summer bag is a gift from my Dad//Batik sandals by moksha

I've got the accident last night. The slider of my wardrobe suddenly fell down after I put some new pictures on it. ( You can see the wardrobe on my first picture above this writing). Thanks GOD it flew to my box, so the glass didn't hit my foot. It almost 11pm when it happened and i must clean it because anybody will get hurt in the next morning specially my maid. Is it a bad luck?I don't believe in a crap like that, I just be an optimistic to walk on this life. A bad think will make a disease but the positive think is like a happy pills. Have you drink a happy pills today?Just have a nice thought then :)
white cardi is a gift from my Mom//Khaki harem by Chameleon (email me if you want to order)//
watch by fossil//korean earrings// braided bag belongs to my Mom//batik sandals by moksha
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