September 27, 2010
Morning people..
It was a busy weekend for me. So many things to share here even i don't have so much pictures to give a whole description. My Saturday was great, in the morning i just dropped my brother to his english course then i stopped by the supermarket to get some ingredients to make "dimsum ceker ayam" it's a dimsum made from some of chicken's claws but actually it's hard to find a black beans here in our town. So when i cook it, i didn't put any black beans. My Dad is a big fan of claws because it's a traditional ways to give a progress to his feet, so I was happy to make claws dimsum for him. When i try it, the taste was so great, it almost like claws dimsum from my family favorite restaurant. But my brother said that it's need more salt and palm sugar to be perfect and i agreed with him, so for the next time i will remember this suggestion. I'm not saying that i'm an expert in the cooking field but I'm trying to please my family and my self. I feel happy everytime they try what I've made and since my Mom too busy to cook, so I take care of her job. Here's some of the pictures, oh and if you can give me an information where i can buy some black beans, please do comment this post or just email me.
After a great time by cooking at my kitchen, i just sleep a few hours because my weekdays was crazy, the tax classes, the hunting jobs, sightseeing to get a fresh ideas are make me exhausted but extremely  happy and last week i have a nice place to hang to type my thesis without feeling blue or obliged. Then i was get ready for my friend's wedding day. I would like to say congrats for my friend Ragel!! I hope you will have a great family and you will live happily ever after just like those fairy tale. She looks pretty that night. even for a bride she's too hyperactive. I met almost all my college's friends there. I wore this dress for a night and a next day when i went to the church but with a different accessories. Oh i cut my hair last friday and i feel great now. I would like to make it look tidy but it looks like Joan Jett and I'm happy for the result. Thanks to Cyberhair (sst they're changed their salon's interior and it looks wesome!). But my friend told me that my hair look old school but I'm okay with that since that's what i want :)
 save the last for the best//if you read my blog regularly than you know the last picture was my best friend//those girls mostly are my close friends on my campus//for your information the girl in the first picture was not a bride but a bride's maid
outfit for the night//batik dress by siliwangi (has been my fave traditional store lately)//korean bow earrings, bow rings and flower hairpiece//watch by chomel//camel bag wore as a clutch by clementine//camel pumps by nine west

outfit for a day//batik dress by siliwangi (has been my fave traditional store lately)//korean owl earrings and rings//watch by chomel//unbranded studded clutch//grey pumps by caliope

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