September 25, 2010
Okay, I can't say yesterday was my best day for this week because some bad things happened. In the morning I dropped my Dad at hospital for his regular therapy, then i moved to Bekasi to get some data from my company research for my thesis. Then i stopped at carrefour for grocery shopping and buy vitamins for my Dad. After that I came home just a minute and moved again to cyber hair. I need to fix my hair because it looks not shiny anymore, LOL. When i was on my way to that salon a motorcycle passed my car and leave a mark!oh i hate him! I try to chase him but he was faster than me. Indonesian mostly do that, doing bad and fly away! At least maybe it's better when he can apologize even they don't have enough money to fix it. 

Because of him now i must say it to my Dad and my Dad will be disappointed. Oh hold on not only that case! When i was in a crowded road i want to go straight ahead then there was a motorcycle on my right, he seems confused about going straight or turn left so he stopped suddenly and he leave another mark! I can ride a motor cycle but when i was on the road i never do that. Specially when in the traffic light, we must consider that we're not alone!we live with another people and please do respect! I came late for my tax class and i keep thinking is it going worse for the rest of my day? 

But i f we think the negative things that it will happened so i say to my self that the rest of the day will be ok. So after my tax class i went to some place to take a pair of shoes and I've got it in reduce price!yay! See, i told you, when we think a good things then it will happen too. I'm so lucky and happy about it. When i arrived at home i try to get a perfect dress for my friends wedding day that will be held tonight. Is it okay to wear a black outfit from head to toe when you came to a reception?

I know it's not a good idea to post my anger in this blog, but after i wrote this it feels better. This becomes a lesson for me to be careful specially when we deal with a motorcycle. My driver said to close their way, never give even a little space to pass. Give them only one way to pass, is it from the left or from the ride side. It's better when i don't need to drive my own car, in this case i prefer to take my lovely transjakarta bus. Have a nice weekend everyone
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