September 28, 2010
I don't know why but lately so many people around me getting angry easily. I don't what makes they do that, is it because the unfriendly weather so it ruined their mood or because we live in the capital city of Indonesia. I think bad traffic, saying bad words or break the rules is ordinary things and we always hope that another people will agree with our bad mood or words. We live together her and as I know that Indonesia is famous because of the people that really friendly to others. Why now people easy to get angry?
I ever read a book, in that book explain about maturity level. If we are not easily getting angry than we get more mature beside that getting mad is not good to our health, it creates so many disease like vertigo. Even you get angry it will not solve the problem , rite? Just trying this, when you want to get angry say in your mind "Happy people don't complain" then smile. You will feel better, trust me! And your life will be easy even you faced the bad day. Just try like this oranges
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