September 30, 2010
Everyday is a happy day! I try to say this magic words after i woke up and it's like a magic because i will have a great day. I've got this tailored pants and want to get more in different colors for chameleon, i just want to check the fabric and is comfortable or not. I will say that this pants really comfortable and i will give an update if this pants already done and enter the OLT Store.

So another happy things that I met my uncle at his office, uh i really adore his work place, i've been dreaming to work there because it's near from my house, the environment was extremely beautiful. My uncle said that i must finished my school firs as soon as i can and work there. Oh I can't wait!I will do anything to work there!It's like my huge dream to be worked at multinational company specially in that place that near from my house.

Spent my noon by attending my tax class and i would say that it was so fun!The time flies so fast even we learned about numbers, i'm confuse but really excited at the same time. By the next Monday we will face an exam, i just hope that i can make it :)
#Sometimes a friend with a bad mood swing will affect our day, I don't say to avoid them but if you stay close with a friend that has a positive mind and an optimistic person that will be great :D
unbranded white top/tailored pants for chameleon (coming soon at OLT Store)/owl earrings/
casio gold watch/studded clutch by ciciero/ballet flats by rubi shoes
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