August 29, 2010
Woke up this morning with 100% of energy even yesterday i went to Bogor for Outbond.It was really fun! I enjoyed it. We had tim building games, cantinue it with flying fox and paint ball match. I hope they had bungee jumping, but it's too bad they don't have it. Beside that i believe my Mom will fainted if she knows that i do bungee jumping even i really want to. So maybe next time if there is any chance i go to Bali, i will do that no matter how much money that i will spent for that!So I only took this pic, i can't wait to see another pictures taken by our great photographer :)
After that i dropped my Mom to my Aunty's house at Kemang. They want to go to our relatives event. So I came home then picked her up again at noon. There was a bad traffic near Buncit Road and my car's air conditioning was broken so it felt like in the sauna!so damn hot! Finished this day with groceries shoping at carrefour. People in a rush for buying an essential stuffs specially foods because in the next 12 days there will be ramadhan, and the tradition in my town, all muslim people will go back to their village to celebrate it and to meet their parent and their relatives, so my driver and my haouse keeper follow this tradition. It means i will do all cleaning job at least for 10 days!
I do my monthly job by playing as an organist for the church service this morning, so i choosed a khaki trousers for my outfit this day. I really feelin pretty with this outfit,hahaha. But still the big toe outlook made this look a little bit scary -___- Oh when i went to grocery store i found a small stand and they sell a portable sewing machine!I'm daying to have one, and still consider to buy it. i must save some money for it!

So, tomorrow will be a hard day. It's time to focus on my thesis!read all boring taxes book and typing. Wish me luck readers. By the way, so many promo because the ramadhan event and it was so tempting specially when it comes to a pair of shoes. Aldo on sale and i must check it, maybe i will get a pair of edgy heels even i can wore it now because this big toe problems.
unbranded off white tank//zara woman khaki trousers//lace cropped blazer//f21 pearls necklaces//
vintage brown skinny belt//f21 earrings//f21 hairpieces//chomel watch//brown bag belongs to my Mom//
Suede clogs by Kloom Clogswear
Because of my best friend now i really care about my face and my body so today after the church service while i was waiting my mom because she had choir rehearsal I went to Plasa Senayan to killing the time. I bought my fave Vit E from GNC, kebab for my brother, nail polish and honey peel off mask from The Face Shop. I bought this peel of masker because Bazar Indonesia rewarded this product as the best peel of mask. I can't wait to try it on my face :)
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  1. very chic look, and that blazer has a nice marc jacobs vibe.

  2. Isabelle says:

    i really like your shoes.xx

  3. Olive says:

    @THE DIVINITUS: really?*wink

    @Isabelle:thanks :D

  4. Claude says:

    I really really love your trousers!!

  5. Olive says:

    thank you
    this is my fave pants lately :)

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