August 29, 2010
So this supposed to be my post on Friday. I was in hurry to attend my taxes course because of the bad traffic. But i went to Plasa Indonesia to sightseeing and meet Aya. We end up with a lunch at kitchenette. I think it's quite nice place, beside that not too much people there. Usualy when i want to have a lunch there it's always full!lucky me because the fasting things :) so this is what we choosed:

My advise please order wisely, it's not because of the taste but it's because the portion. it's really big dude!The taste was nice even pasta is not my fave meal. And the service really great. I forgot to ask the man that serve us. He's really kind to take some of our pictures. thank you so much Mr.X, LOL.
So, here's ,y outfit this day. It will be great if i put a black flats or a black heels but I'm still stuck with the big toe things. Hopefully the nail will be back soon.
black pants by cheap monday//Muhammad Ali message tee by 16DS//Trifted black blazer//
some bracelets//chomel watch//f21 earrings//braids hair//cotton on black flip-flops//
picnic velvet tassel cross body bag

My packages was arrived!Yay!But i'm sad because my earrings package isn't coming until now!They said they sent it on Tuesday, it supposed to be arrived at Thursday :( So the clogs was a made order and the brown flats was last piece and it was on sale!lucky me! :)
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