August 13, 2010
It supposed to be my sunday post so i would like to say happy belated sunday :)
It was quite a nice sunday morning and since my new babies i mean shoes was came so i wore it. It's hand made shoes and from local brand. Why i'm so proud to have a local stuffs? Because i want to support them, it doesn't mean i don't like world wide brand but as long as the local stuffs are quite good i will buy them and support them :)
Too much new things for this month and i think i need to stop now before i've got nothing left on my purse,LOL. So i prefer this simple outfit to cheer my beautiful sunday.
But why people think that i cut my hair?i just do a simple hair do to look proper that another day. It seems my tummy getting bigger day by day i supposed to be doing some exercise but i feel so lazy to do it. i feel i do nothing for the last 2 weeks i can only thinking about getaway from this crazy life, crazy people and boring things.

I need to meet new people!new things and new life. why? because i feel stuck in this mad things.
i think blogging help me a lot to share what i feel, at lease i feel calm now. Oh and my thesis driving me crazy!and why marketing is something that really hard to be understand? should i learn about it deeply? time flies so fast and i hate it! my last purchases for this week is a new flats and some basic tee. i'm glad to have them beside this weirdo mind :)

NN:02 long sleeve basic tee//unbranded skirt//handmade necklace by getabora//gita clutch by ciciero//f21 earrings//watch by fossil//nude flats by loveliness
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