August 7, 2010
#photo credit: celepuk group page
This is one of my favourite local brand! I don't do a commercial thing in this blog, but just want to share to you about this. The first time i found their group page in facebook, i've been fallin in love with their stuffs. They sell a nice bag and the design so simple but the material quite good. Even the price is a little bit higher but i can guarantee that they will give you a bag with a great material because they use a real leather. That's why the price is a little bit higher. I have a pak pos bag (second picture), it's quite a big bag with a perfect camel color. And when they sent you a bag that you ordered, they will sent it with a nice dust bag made from 'batik'. And the service was nice too, quick respond and very nice service. Their last collection is 'punakawan' (take a look on a first picture), it's nice, rite?Hmm..really want to get one :)
If you want to order or check out their group page just click here! And by the way Andien took this bag with her on her latest video clip "moving on" check out this video

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  1. i heart your blog, and your style looks so good

  2. Ladyulia says:

    I think this my first time visiting ur blog
    nice to find it :D

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