August 13, 2010

Dear readers: nothing good for this week so i cheer my swing mood with 2 new cds by local singer and band.
The first one is Monita Tahalea. Who is she?She is one from some candidates from Indonesian Idol season 1.
I really love her voice, her face and her style!I think her face so classy and jazz really fits her and i really like her cover album. The color and the picture so perfect and adore Indra Lesmana to be her producer. She's not like another famouse singer compare with those weirdo local singer, sorry to say but i'm a little bit picky contains of local singer. I coose someone that not have an ordinary concept it must be an extraordinary music :)

The other one is Maliq and d'essentials, the cover quite good and very unique, go buy their cd and prove it by your self :)
it's kindda a different sound in this mini album. why i called it as mini album?because they only got 6 songs. they made an interesting title album "the beginning of a beautiful life"
should i start the new life?maybe after this madness thesis was finished!
#currently listening: over the rainbow by Monita Tahalea ;)

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