August 13, 2010

Many thoughts come through for this week. I think about my future life!Since my brother took architecture  as his major and you know when i was in high school, i really want to took it as my major in college but i can't since i don't have a capability on it so i'm very proud that my brother took it, i feel he continue my dream ;)
Then i would like him to make a little house for me in the future. I was imagine that in the future i will have my own store so i don't need to deal with 5-9 hours just like another employee.

Then i want to have a small house with a basement and wardrobe room just like in sex and the city movie. I don't need a big one, all i need just a small wardrobe room. I want an open house just like my dad's idea for the house that i've been living for the last 3 years, full of window but i want some glasses for the house and i hope i will have a small yard so i can put a small cradle made from woods just like i saw in acehardware. and i want to have a vespa (the old one) so it will feel like i'm in italy and of course i hope i can live there with my lovely soulmate, the one that can accept my silly thoughts like this, someone that can accept me the way i am someone that have a strong will just like my dad, some one who's funny just like my brother, some one who like simple outfit just like my brother too and someone who has a big love just like my mom.

oh and i want have a nice kitchen so i will happy to cook anything that my soulmate really wants to eat.
Something that i want to learn in my life are music, art and marketing. hmm.. maybe i can take a look at those things and make it real so i have a new direction to fullfill my madness life and can be my soulmate is an architec?it will be a nice dream comes true if it really happen to my life :)
i believe someone who took art really know how to sincere their soulmatea dn their family.
I'm going to Bandung to spent this weekend with my auntie and my cousin. I can't wait!! Adios :)

#picture credit from weheartit
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  1. nice post...

    i'm interesting in interior design esp for bedroom...

    wanna exchange link and follow me??

  2. Teresa says:

    Love these bedrooms! I especially like the one in the attic. So private and cozy.


  3. Olive says:

    @Dorothy: I already put your link on my side :)

    @Teresa: yeah those pics drive me crazy and want to make the same bedroom just like them :)

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