August 16, 2010

I spent my weekend in bandung with my auntie and my cousins. I felt great when i was there because i don't feel comfortable anyomore in my town. Bandung is not like the big city lika J town, Bandung more humble and the people was so nice. If you go to restaurants and retail shop the waitress or shop keeper always smile and address you so nice, beside that the price cheaper than in J town.

All hangout places were amazing!The places so nice, clean and the lightning just perfect. You can choose a nice place all over 'Dago Pakar' every place will give you a different view of the city. I went to 'warung laos' it's a new place to hang in Bandung and the interior design so nice. they put everything in a light woods and they give you the best view of the city. Since i don't have slr camera so i can't take a photo of the city lights, maybe next time :)

I stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights with my auntie and her family. We slept at golden flower hotel. The room quite nice beside that it's a new hotel there and the place quite near to anywhere in Bandung. I went to some shop like Happy Go Lucky but I didn't find even one piece that relly fit me in, it's not about the size but it's about the model and the cutting but it's a nice place since they provide so many local brand with the best quality even for me the price quite expensive.

I also went to Arena because i really want to have a pair of vans high skate, but poor me i can't find on my size. Then moved to katallog, my fave store because the stuffs quite unique even when i was there i didn't buy anything because it seems that they don't put a new things after brightspot market. What i've got when i was there just 2 pieces shirt from flashy. It's just a simple top but the material really good, cheap and really cute. I don't know why but i've been fallin in love with soft pink mixed with dark blue things.

I put some picture about the hotel and it's really very recomended place to stay. I just wanna stay if you want to go to Bandung, plese don't go there at weekend because the traffic really bad and the hotel will raise the price 2 times on weekends compare to the weekdays.
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