August 16, 2010
Really happy when i was arrived at home and found two packages in my room. Finnaly my fun bun and my mustard wedges was come.
Thank you so much to all online store who provide it. I really love online shopping because i can find a rare and cute stuffs.

The wedges really comfortable and i fell i wanna buy the same model with a different color. fantastic!
Just spending this day by helping Dad to buy some stuffs for his bathroom and lay down at my bed for the rest of the day because i feel exhausted after my short weekend trip. But i feel really great and optimistic about anything.

The last piece is Fun Bun!This is the secret of Japanese and Korean Hair Style. Really love this bun and i wore it today ;)

My mood is rising and i feel i can do anything. Now i just realized that this short holiday makes my bad mood turning to be great :)
Everyday Tee by Flashy//Tailored Pants by Zara Woman//pearl earrings by F21//Fun Bun Hairpiece
Watch by Fossil//Vintage Camel Belt//Vintage Purse//Black flip-flops by Cotton On
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2 sveet comments

  1. Anonymous says:

    waaaaaaahh wedgesnya beli di online store mana? bagus bgt jadinya :)
    Thank you

  2. Olive says:

    bisa search di fb namanya superfashionme shoezisme :D

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