August 24, 2010
Yesterday was my first day to join tax class and i don't know why i'm the only one that still in college and i hate it. The bad thing because i spent almost 3 hours to get there the traffic was so bad!oh i really hate this town! I prefer a public transportation like transjakarta bus but since the place is in menteng and i can't get there by public transportation except the cab. So i lost my 1st class and i just enter the 2nd class. I felt boring because the teacher was discussed about tax rules. So i choose all black outfit as my uniform on that day.

When i was on my way back home i stopped at pejaten village to get some bread because i'm so hungry that bad traffic made me hungry like a lion!believe it or not when i was arrived at home i cooked an instant noodle mixed with mushrooms and mustard greens, so delicious. I watched nowhere boy in the morning and that movie really great. i will post my fave actor "Aaron Johnson" as soon as possible.

I've being sensitive now. I've changed alot. I want to share it because write it on my blog makes me feel great than before. Now i want a better life, I'm trying to get my positive mind so i need people around me know this situation and i hope they can help me well. I'm trying to keep calm even people around me are mad, then the difficult part is about the bad mouth, i really trying not to say those bad word, but people around me seems always say it out loud so please help me. this is my purpose of life, to be a better person and i want to start it from my self, so help me. I don't push all of you to have the same thought as mine, it's up to you but please do appreciate my wish to have a better life.

black simple t-shirt//black jeans by cheap monday//unbranded millitary jacket//
f21 pearl earrings//fossil watch//black tassel velvet sling bag from picnic//black slippers
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  1. Harriet says:

    Argh, I have a tax class too - they are rubbish!

    It can be so hard to keep a positive mind sometimes, but it is so rewarding when you do. Good luck with your aims, I think it's a great wish to have a better life.

  2. Olive says:

    yeah tax class so boring, but it's usefull when i apply for the job in the future.

    Thank you, i hope i really can do that :)

  3. Tiwi says:

    hai, mau tanya yaaa :) black slippernya bagus beli dimana kaa? online shop kah, lumayan mirip toms, hehe.... :) *semoga online shop, biar gampang, hehehe....

  4. Olive says:

    hai..hai..itu barang onlineshop aku Tiwi. Yang ready ukuran 38&37. Tapi warnanya cuman item aja dan bahannya beludru :)

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